RuneScape: 1-99 Agility Guide 2021

This is the Complete Guide To Achieving 99 Agility In Oldschool RuneScape Agility is historically one of the most hated skills in the game. In this OSRS Agility guide, we will explain why Agility is such a useful skill, the best methods and techniques to use for leveling up, and what to do with the rewards.


Why Train Agility?
Having a high Agility level is beneficial in almost all aspects of Oldschool RuneScape. The higher your level, the higher the rate of run energy restoration. This benefit is often overlooked by many players; however, the difference can be substantial. For example, at Level 1 it takes 7.5 seconds to restore 1% of energy, whereas at 99 it takes just 2.5 seconds. This makes in-game tasks such as questing, skilling and general map navigation far more pleasant, and ultimately faster. Therefore, I would recommend achieving a high Agility level as early as possible in the game.

Marks of Grace
Marks of Grace are a currency received from completing Rooftop Agility courses. They will appear randomly whilst navigating the courses, whereby the player will have 10 minutes to pick it up before it disappears. The more obstacles navigated per hour, the higher the Marks of Grace yield per hour. This makes fast courses such as the Canafis Rooftop Course especially appealing for players who wish to accumulate Marks of Grace. However, do note that Marks of Grace yield is reduced if the player’s Agility level is 20 or more levels higher than the course requirement. For example, the Canafis Agility Course requires Level 40, therefore a player with Level 60 or higher Agility will receive a diminished rate of Marks of Grace accumulation. Marks of Grace can be traded in at an NPC called ‘Grace’, located downstairs in the pub in Burthorpe (also known as Rogues’ Den). Leftover Marks of Grace may be spent on packs of Amylase Crystals, which may then be sold at the Grand Exchange. At current prices, one Mark of Grace is worth around 13,000gp in Amylase Crystals.

Graceful Outfit
The best use of these marks is the Graceful Outfit, which reduces the players weight for each piece of Graceful Armour equipped, with a bonus of an improved run energy restore rate if the entire outfit is equipped. The entire Graceful Outfit costs 260 Marks of Grace, which you can expect to be able to obtain at approximately Level 55 Agility (if training exclusively via Rooftop courses – not recommended for macro-efficiency). 260 Marks of Grace, if spent on Amylase Packs, would be worth approximately 3.6M gold at current prices, making that the effective ‘cost’ of the outfit. Graceful Armour is considered untradeable, meaning that you will keep the items upon death (except within the Wilderness), in the same way that other untradeable items behave upon death. Equipping the complete set simultaneously will reduce your weight by 25kg, and additionally result in your run energy restoring 30% faster whilst idle or walking. This is incredibly useful, as these effects stack with the standard Agility effect of increasing the rate of run energy restoration depending on the player’s Agility Level. This makes the Graceful Outfit recommended, if not essential, for the tasks previously discussed (questing, skilling, navigating the map). The Graceful Outfit should be your ‘default’ outfit where other armour is not required, and there is little to no risk of losing it (such as when entering the Wilderness).

The Early Levels
A popular option for training Agility early on is fishing via Barbarian Fishing. This is a unique method of Fishing which also rewards the player with Strength and Agility experience, as well as Fishing experience. Considering that Agility is notoriously slow and tedious to train at the early levels, I would go as far as to recommend this method of training if you have any interest in obtaining high stats overall in the long term. Whilst Barbarian Fishing, Agility XP is gained at approximately 10% of the rate of Fishing XP. This allows us to calculate the approximate Agility level achieved from Fishing. For example, if you were to begin this method with 50 Fishing and 1 Agility, by the time you reach Level 80 Fishing, you’d have also achieved Level 56 Agility. This will save you a significant amount of time in the long-term, as those same levels via traditional methods would take over half this time, without the extra free Fishing and Strength XP. With that said, I will still recommend the best methods from Level 1, if you choose not to pursue the Barbarian Fishing method.

Level 1 – 10: Gnome Stronghold Course
This is the most basic and entry-level Agility course available. Achievable XP rates are approximately 8K per hour, receiving 86.5 experience per completed lap. You’ll need to complete 14 laps in total to reach Level 10, at which point we’ll be moving straight onto Rooftop Courses. The best way to get to this course is by using the Spirit Tree transportation method (available after the Tree Gnome Village quest).

Level 10 – 30: Draynor Rooftop Course
This is the first Rooftop Agility Course available, whereby you’ll begin to collect Marks of Grace. This course yields marginally better XP per hour than the Gnome Agility course, approximately 8-10K XP per hour is a realistic estimate. However, the added bonus of accumulating Marks of Grace means that I would heavily recommend using this course straight from Level 10. One successful lap of this course will yield 120 XP, meaning you’ll need to complete 102 laps to achieve Level 30.

Level 30 – 40: Varrock Rooftop Course
Move to the Varrock Rooftop Course as soon as you hit Level 30, as the XP per hour jumps slightly to approximately 13K XP per hour. This is lower than most skills would typically yield at Level 30, hence the strong recommendation to skip these early levels by using the Barbarian Fishing method. However, if you are going to use courses from Level 1, you should certainly be doing Varrock Rooftop Course from Level 30 – 40. Each lap of the course will yield 238 XP, meaning 101 laps are required to reach Level 40.

Level 40 – 52: Canafis Rooftop Course
Level 40 is a nice milestone to reach, as the XP per hour increases somewhat, but most notably due to the length of the Canafis Rooftop Course. Due to the spawn mechanics of the Marks of Grace (discussed earlier), this is an excellent course to acquire extra Marks of Grace, and I would strongly recommend training these Agility Levels at this course. Each lap yields 240 XP, resulting in gains of 16K – 19K XP per hour. This means that you will need to complete 361 laps to go from Level 40 to Level 52 using this course.

Level 52 – 60: Wilderness Agility Course

The Wilderness Agility Course is also an excellent milestone along the Agility grind. XP rates are far superior to the rates that the Rooftop Courses previously offered. You can expect to achieve upwards of 30K XP per hour, up to as much as 45K per hour if your obstacle failure rate is zero. Each lap awards 571.4 XP, a huge increase over the methods previously discussed. 263 laps are required to get to Level 60 from Level 52 using this course. It is worth noting that because this course is located within the Wilderness, players may attack you here. However, it is strongly recommended not to take anything of value, food (for failing obstacles) and a few stamina or energy potions is sufficient for players to survive here for a long time. Additionally, you may make use of the Summer Pie, which boosts the player’s Agility Level by +5 temporarily. This means that you will be able to enter the Wilderness Course as early as Level 47, potentially saving you some time. Depending on your goals, you may want to remain at the Canafis Rooftop Course until you have acquired the entire Graceful Outfit, however this is at your own preference.

Level 60 – 90: Seer’s Village Rooftop Course
At this stage, Agility becomes a lot more tolerable, as the XP rates increase dramatically, bringing rates closer to that of other skills at similar levels. XP rates vary from 40-60K per hour, depending on rate of failure and whether or not you have completed the Kandarin Hard Diary. Without the diary bonus, you should expect 40-48K XP per hour to be realistic, dependant on current level/rate of failure. However, if you have completed the diary, you will be able to re-direct your Camelot Teleport to spawn you instead at Seer’s Village, right next to the start point of this Agility Course. This boosts XP rates significantly, resulting in expected rates of 50-60K XP per hour. Each successful lap of the Seer’s Rooftop Course yields 570 XP, meaning that you should expect to have to complete 8,900 laps exactly to achieve Level 90. This is the longest stage of the grind to Level 99, and is where the bulk of your training will take place (with the exception of the final 90-99 stretch). Whilst other Rooftop Courses are unlocked along the way (such as the Pollnivneach Rooftop Course at Level 70, and the Rellekka Rooftop Course at Level 80), I would strongly recommend sticking to the Seer’s Rooftop Course, as it is generally more pleasant to traverse, and offers similar XP rates to the aforementioned courses. If you do happen to have the Kandarin Hard Diary completed, I would 100% advise that you stay at the Seer’s Rooftop Course, as XP rates would actually be diminished at the other two courses.

Level 90 – 99: Ardougne Rooftop Course
You’ve made it this far, that means your attention span and patience is far higher than the average RuneScape player, so congratulations on that! You’re now able to experience the joy of the Ardougne Rooftop Course, which yields 793 XP per lap, requiring a total of 9,695 gruelling laps of the course to achieve Level 99. This is the final grind, whereby you can expect to achieve 55-62K XP per hour. If you have completed the Kandarin Hard Diary, XP rates between the two courses are likely to be comparable, so it is down to your own choosing as to which course you wish to stick with. The exception to this would be if you have completed the Elite Ardougne Diary, as this will result in a 25% increased chance of receiving Marks of Grace from this course. In this case, I would strongly recommend swapping to the Ardougne Rooftop Course immediately, as the additional Marks of Grace are more significant than the negligible hourly XP difference between the two courses.

Excess Marks of Grace

The entire Graceful Outfit costs 260 Marks of Grace, which is a trivial number compared to the number that you will accumulate throughout the grind to Level 99 Agility. Aside from the option of purchasing Amylase Packs to earn some extra GP, there is also the option of re-colouring your Graceful Outfit in exchange for additional Marks of Grace, provided that you have 100% Favour in the corresponding house in Great Kourend. For example, having 100% Favour with the Hosidius House will allow you to trade in a set of Graceful, plus some additional marks, for a full set of Green Graceful Armour. Each piece of the outfit costs 15 Marks of Grace to recolour, meaning that it costs 90 Marks of Grace to recolour an entire outfit. Bear in mind, you will lose the traded-in set, meaning that each coloured set effectively costs 350 Marks of Grace. For the completionist, the total cost of all 8 sets of Graceful Armour is a huge 2,620 Marks of Grace and 250 Agility Arena Tickets (the arena is only recommended specifically if you wish to obtain the tickets to obtain the dark blue Graceful recolour). The exact number of Marks of Grace obtained from 99 Agility is unknown, however 4,300 Marks of Grace is a reasonably accurate estimate. Therefore, you can expect to be able to afford all 7 recoloured sets purchasable via Marks of Grace in the time that 99 Agility takes to grind out. Sweet!

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