Rusty gun: 100% Achievement Guide

100% achievements guide for Rusty gun (includes screenshots for hidden posters)


Achievement guide mostly created for showing locations of Hidden Posters as those are not that easy to find.

At the bottom
Fall into the water
This can be done right away in Level 1, just go to the left when you start.

To the eyeballs
Collect 100 Bottles
Like description says, 100 bottles of beer (might be necessary to do it in one session)

As fragile as crystal
Smash the ice statue
In level 15 after defeating the boss, shoot him a bunch of times

Flood the submarine
In level 16 hold left and keep on shooting the guy until the submarine sinks.

Fluffy and oblique
Defeat 1 boss
Defeat boss in level 3

A wonderful miracle
Defeat 2 boss
Defeat boss in level 7

Uninvited dinner
Defeat 3 boss
Defeat boss in level 12

Cold blooded
Defeat 4 boss
Defeat boss in level 15

Tight Bandana
Defeat 5 boss
Defeat boss in level 17

Secret number 1
Find poster number 1
In level 3, after 1st checkpoint, near long ladder where 2 shooting heads are attached to thick wall. Jump from top and hold right

Secret number 2
Find poster number 2
In level 5, after a checkpoint, to the right side of the 2nd enemy with shield (before enemy with a gun)

Secret number 3
Find poster number 3
In level 7 right after 1st checkpoint, behind shooting head and below spikes

Secret number 4
Find poster number 4
In level 9 pretty close from the start, after pressing first button keep on going right until you find a wall with a button above it

Secret number 5
Find poster number 5
In level 11 above the room with 2 doors, after you access the left door (before 3rd door)

Secret number 6
Find poster number 6
In level 13 right after place where you have to bounce up with “snow”, to the left of the ladder

Secret number 7
Find poster number 7
In level 17 from the start going to the right and up, hidden behind 2 beers (near first button)

Secret number 8
Find poster number 8
In level 17, after passing first doors going to the left and up, next to another button

Find all posters
You will get it when getting last poster

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