Rusty Lake Hotel: 100% Achievement Guide 2021

The guide is divided into chapters related to main characters.
Achievements are presented in in order of unlocking them although the game allows flexibility if you wish to explore.

Mr. Deer

Mr. Deer – 2

The Lobby, at night. Click the ringing phone and talk to Mr. Owl. Go right, click Mr. Owl’s portrait and get the mushrooms.

Mr. Deer – 3

Mr. Deer’s room. Click the deer skull trophy, click the right antler until it grows and then click the second antler from the bottom until the left antler grows. Click the leaf on the left antler and get the rosemary.

Albert’s Way
Mr. Deer – 4

Mr. Deer’s room. Once you have a knife open the right window, wait until a butterfly lands on it and use the knife on it.

Deer Meat
Mr. Deer – 1

Mr. Deer’s room. Kill Mr. Deer

Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit – 2

The Lobby, at night. Talk to Mr. Crow, click his pocket and get the carrot.

White Beans
Mr. Rabbit – 3

Mr. Rabbit’s Room. Once you have a knife use it on Mr. Owl’s portrait and get white beans.

Watch Closely!
Mr. Rabbit – 4

Mr. Rabbit’s Room. In the section with a window wait a short while and Mr. Rabbit’s soul should appear in the window.

Rabbit Leg
Mr. Rabbit – 1

Mr. Rabbit’s Room. Kill Mr. Rabbit

Mrs. Pigeon

Mrs. Pigeon – 2

The Lobby, at night. Talk to Mr. Bat (bellboy) and go right to watch shooting star in a window. Keep walking around clicking Mr. Bat until he goes back to the elevator. Talk to him then and get the potatoes.

Can’t catch me!
Mrs. Pigeon – 4

Mrs. Pigeon’s Room. While trying to catch the beetle on the table allow it to escape three times.

Mrs. Pigeon – 3

Mrs. Pigeon’s Room. Electrocute the Young Bird in a metal cabinet six times and take the blackberries from its mouth (click twice).

Pigeon Wing
Mrs. Pigeon – 1

Mrs. Pigeon’s Room. Kill Mrs. Pigeon

Ms. Pheasant

White Wine
Ms. Pheasant – 2

The Lobby, day. Pick up the white wine from a red pillow.

Ms. Pheasant – 3

Ms. Pheasant’s Room. Click a leaf in the top right corner of the clock until it grows. Click it again to get the thyme.

Need a hand?
Ms. Pheasant – 4

Ms. Pheasant’s Room. Open the window and close it when a hand appears. Click the hand.

Pheasant Breast
Ms. Pheasant – 1

Ms. Pheasant’s Room. Kill Ms. Pheasant

Mr. Boar

Red Wine
Mr. Boar – 2

The Lobby, day. Pick up red wine from the window.

Mr. Boar – 3
Feed Mr. Boar two sandwiches, then click on the toilet until the tomatoes emerge.
Missable: Yes.

You know what to do!
Mr. Boar – 4
Traverse into the Forest and find Mr. Crow.
Missable: No

Boar Ribs
Mr. Boar – 1
Kill Mr. Boar.
Missable: No.
Credit to catnip and wiki

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    (May 21, 2021 - 10:57 am)

    Is there something special you have to do to make Steam grant achievements? I installed the game fresh on a brand new computer, and no Steam achievements are awarded for gameplay, even the “unmissable” ones just from completion. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no effect. Apparently the “update” isn’t there, and I don’t know how to get it 🙁 I emailed the devs weeks ago with no response as of yet (May 21).

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