Sable: New Content Guide (November 29th Update)

This is a guide for the new content in the fishing (and more) update that released in 29.11.

Note: This guide is still WIP and spoiler alert.


Map of New Locations

The Angler Hut is located in Sansee, and the Vivarium is located in the Wash.

How to Fish

Once acquiring the fishing rod, press T to start fishing. Cast your line with E and press E to reel it in quickly when there is a bite. Then, follow the fish icon with the A and D keys until the small bar turns completely blue – you’ve caught yourself a fish! This will also net you the Quite The Catch achievement when done successfully for the first time.

On controller, press right on the d-pad to start fishing, cast the line and reel in with X, and follow the fish icon with the left stick.

You can also turn on Easy Fishing in the controls menu, which will prevent the bar from getting red and the fish from getting away.

Fish and Their Hints

These hints come from Researcher Casii in the Vivarium.
Bellow Guppy: Common in the sands of Midden. Hard to miss.
Bloated Eye Clam: A parasitic tree killer.
Dopey Dart: Extremely common in the Sansees.
Flutter Thrust: In the heart of Midden, below pillars of rock.
Ghost Soul: Seek the souls of old bones.
Hummer: These fish seek green areas with trees and foliage.
Light Koi: A rare find, these will often feed on shrubbery in the Badlands.
Little Kicker: A common find in pink colored dunes.
Pebble Eye: A common fish that seeks shade in the Eastern Dunes.
Pill Fish: Persistence will pay off when fishing in areas full of cacti.
Sand Ray: In Redsee, these fish seek the deeper parts of the sands.
Scabby Fish: A common find in the sand paths between towering cliffs.
Shelled Cup: Seems this creature feeds on salt.
Storm Fish: A tricky catch that rides in the crests of crimson sands.
Sucker Fish: Seek the shade of large rock arches in Redsee.
Teacup Angler: Rumor is these creatures feed on gaseous substances.
Trifle Jelly: Likes pale mounds of chalk.

Gone Fishing

For the first leg of the quest, you will need to catch three fish in Sansee: a Pebble Eye, a Bellow Guppy and a Pill Fish. You can consult the hints above or if you want more direct answers, Bellow Guppies are pretty much everywhere, Pebble Eyes are only in the shade (i had luck waiting for night to catch them), and Pill Fish are in the cacti field near the wind tower.
Turning in these fish to Yoshi will net you the first Angler’s badge!For the next one, you will need to find a Little Kicker, Trifle Jelly, and a Bloated Eye Clam from the Wash. Little kicker is pretty much everywhere in the Wash. Trifle Jelly is found near white dunes, there is one near Marrow Bone Station. The Bloated Eye Clam is found in the Petrified Forest.
Turning in these fish to Yoshi will net you the second Angler’s badge!

For the last assignment, you will need a Storm Fish, a Sand Ray and a Hummer. These are found in Redsee. For the Hummer, go to the forest you can see from the cartographer’s Balloon. For the Storm fish, fish anywhere in Redsee. For Sand Rays, go to the middle of Redsee (somewhere between Eccria and the Cartographer’s Baloon) and you will find it.
Turn them in to Yoshi for the last time, and congrats! You can go and make your Angler’s mask! Doing so will net you the achievement The Angler Mask.

The Vivarium

You will have to collect every single butterfly and fish for Researcher Casii in the Vivarium. She will provide hints for the fish (for a price), but I’ve also listed them above. She will also remind you which fish or butterflies you have not yet turned in. After you give her a number of fish, she will give you another fishing rod. The butterflies you have to collect for her and their location are as follows:

Chalk Butterfly: Found in the Wash.
Crystal Butterfly: Found in Hakoa by the crystals.
Nimoor Butterfly: Found in the forest in the Wash at night. Grab the blue glowing things and throw them.
Oasis Dragonfly: Found in large open bodies of water.
Salt Butterfly: Found by flowers in the Waste.
Shaded Leaf Butterfly: Found in the palm forest in the western dunes.
Stepwell Dragonfly: Found in the Thieving Magpie Well.
Sunshine Butterfly: Only found during the day.

After you turn in a specimen, it will show up in the Vivarium. When you turn all of them in, you will get the Vivacious Vivarium achievement.

Bike Parts, Dyes & Clothing

Once you fill the Vivarium with all the butterflies, Merchant Sola will appear in it. They will sell dragonfly bike parts for 150 each, a butterfly top for 400 and butterfly trousers for 250.

Thanks to Red for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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