Saboteur: Easter Eggs Guide

An Easter Egg involving a hidden area, a Stormlord reference, and a rave party.


Step 1.

Beat the entire game on the hardest difficulty.

Doing so will give you this additional message on the End Screen: Chlorine – Iodine – Vanadium – Einsteinium (spelling out ‘Clives’).

Step 2.

Get back into the chemistry facility.

Enter the door leading to the second floor from the bottom.

Go all the way to the left and find a pack of 4 lab benches standing next to one another.

Step 3.

Gather up the respective chemicals.

Chlorine and Iodine are both on the top floor, to the right.

Vanadium is on the bottom floor, to the left.

Einsteinium is in the same area as the four benches. Careful with that last one, it’s radioactive, and you start losing HP as soon as you pick it up.

Step 4.

Place them in the right order on the four benches.

This will reveal a secret vent.

Step 5.

Enter the vent.

Then go left and party!

Written by Svipur

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