Saints Row IV: How to Fix Vehicle Sounds Glitch For Nvidia Cards via control panel

This fixes the issue where cars may have a long delay before the sound plays, or has a constant repeating note. Just glitches around car sounds.


All in one guide 6 easy steps

Step 1: Open NVIDIA control panel

Step 2: Select Manage 3D settings
Step 3: Select the “Program Settings” tab
Step 4: Press the “add” button and look for Saints Row IV (saintsrowiv.exe) then select it and add it.

Step 5: Now on the big box below which is labeled as “3. Specify the setting for this program” scroll down and look for Low Latency mode and set that to ultra.

Then navigate to Texture filtering – Anisotropic sample Optimization and set to On. (Note: This Might already be set on globally but set it to on just incase)

Step 6: press on apply in the bottom right of the Control Panel to make sure the edited settings were applied.

Note: I’m not the original founder of this fix and apparently this works for The Third as well.

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