Saints Row The Third Remastered: All Stunt Jumps Guide

A map and screenshots showing the locations and directions of all 63 stuntjumps in Saints Row: The Third – Remastered.



There are 63 stunt jumps across Steelport in Saints Row: The Third – Remastered.
37 of them are available right from the start of the game, 26 more unlock as you progress through the story.


1. Grass Ramp

2. Dirt Ramp

3. Grass Ledge

4. Rubble Ramp

5. Rubble Ramp

Carver Island

6. Grass Ramp

7. Grass Ramp

8. Dirt Ramp

9. Grass Ramp

10. Grass Ramp

11. Elevated Street

12. Grass Ramp

13. Container (You will encounter a gang operation here)

14. Rails

16. Containers


15. Dirt Ramp

17. Train Cart (You will land on a gang operation)

18. Dirt Ramp

19. Dirt Ramp (Will trigger gang operation)

20. Stairs

21: Stairs (Just drive down the stairs there)

22. Dirt Ramp

23. Dirt Ramp

24. Grass Ramp

25. Joe Cola Bottlecap (Will likely trigger gang operation)

26. Billboard

27. Wooden Planks

28. Wooden Planks (Best to use a bike for this)

29. Wooden Planks

30. Grass Ramp

31. Grass Ramp

32. Dirt Ramp

Sierra Point

33. Stairs (You will get 3 shields of notoriety upon entering the armory)

New Colvin
34. Dirt Ramp

35. Grass Ledge

36. Grass Ramp

37. Metal Rramp (Direct continuation of the previous jump)

Draw Bridges

The drawbridges won’t be raised for most of the game.

The stunts across the drawbridges can be a bit tricky to get the jump to successfully register, sometimes you have to go slow to trigger it.

The following ones in downtown get raised after the mission “My Name Is Cyrus Temple”:

38. Loren Square -> Henry Steelmill

39. Henry Steelmill -> Loren Square

40. Loren Square -> Henry Steelmill

41. Henry Steelmill -> Loren Square

42. Loren Square -> Henry Steelmill

43. Henry Steelmill -> Loren Square

44. Loren Square -> Henry Steelmill

45. Henry Steelmill -> Loren Square

46. Loren Square -> Sierra Point (Don’t drive too far towards the armory to avoid notoriety)

47. Sierra Point -> Loren Square

48. Sunset Park -> Bridgeport

49. Bridgeport -> Sunset Park

50. Bridgeport -> Sunset Park

51. Sunset Park -> Bridgeport

52. The Grove -> Loren Square

53 Loren Square -> The Grove

The following ones will unlock after the mission “Air Steelport”:

54. Arapice Island -> Loren Square

55. Loren Square -> Arapice Island

56. Arapice Island -> Ashwood

57. Ashwood -> Arapice Island

58. Arapice Island -> Ashwood

59.Ashwood -> Arapice Island

60. Arapice Island -> The Grove

61. The Grove -> Arapice Island

62. Arapice Island -> The Grove

63. The Grove -> Arapice Island


The map was made by SuperNull based on Gamerfourlife99‘s videos.
The map from the Saints Row wiki[]
The screenshots and the guide Credit to Singa

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