Sakura Forest Girls: Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Here is a walkthrough and achievement guide for Sakura Forest Girls game.



Start a new game.

The Way Things Were It’s just a dream

Good Morning, Aiyana No beauty sleep needed
  • Help Aiyana.
  • It’s actually pretty cute.

A girls Best Friend Mika has an offer
  • Reassure Aiyana.

Safe and Sound Help your clumsy friend
  • I think I want to be more than friends.

Meeting Maia She is supposed to be a witch?
  • She’s so beautiful.
  • Her attitude bothers me, but I’m willing to trust her.
  • That she’s into me?

Maia’s New Chair Not as light as she looks
  • I’d like it if you praised me too.

An Intimate Moment Those were not the proper sounds!
  • Maybe I am a bit jealous.
  • I don’t want Maia corrupting Aiyana.
  • Maybe it wasn’t that bad?
  • Aiyana will get hurt.

Night Watch Let the thoughts run over you
  • Maia had it coming.

Written in the Stars The stars contian so many stories
  • Not really.
  • Help Aiyana.

Mana Transfer Syncing mana levels
  • Being intimate with Aiyana and Maia feels nice.

Brand New Look Get ready for the ritual
  • Save 1
  • I think you look adorable.

First Kiss More than childhoof friends

Second First Kiss Achieve the Harem Ending

The Future Awaits Whatever comes, you can do it together
  • Load Save 1
  • Maia pulls this look off better than you.

Maia’s Pet Get Maia’s Ending

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