Sally Face IN SEEKING PROVIDENCE Walkthrough (Chapter 1-7)

In Seeking Providence all chapters, what to do, where to stand, etc.


Chapter 1

Chapter 1- Rosenburg

You really don’t even need a guide for this one.

“She desperately sought a place among The Council, so the aspiring witch traveled deep into the castle for the initiation trial: to retrieve The Book of Forgotten Truths.”

Head straight, avoiding the spikes, follow through the basic path, head right, head downwards, head left, NOW TAKE THE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Jim Johnson
Level- Little harder

“And the mysterious old woman gazed once again into Jim’s eyes and said, ‘If you can find the door this key unlocks, we will share the secrets of the universe with you…'”

Room 1
To the left of the first room, there’s a button, avoid electricity fields or whatever they are, stand on it. The wall to the right goes down, head to the next room.

Room 2
You’ll see a square in the second room divided into four squares. That square is the first part of Larry’s metal puzzle box. Write that down or memorize that. Anyways, back at the entrance of the 2nd room, walk along the wall until you see the button. Avoid the electric fence thing once again and stand on the button. Head backwards back to Larry’s neato square, you’re gonna head right of the square now. Head through the easy maze and over the lowered wall and through the doorway.

Room 3
Its getting a little harder now but not really. Head straight forward for the second part of Larry’s box. Same as before draw that down. Anyways, walk over the symbol and head down to the button for this room. Stand on it yada yada. Head backwards till you’re at the entrance. Left, up, right, left, etc. Door.

Now go touch the big door.

I don’t recall seeing the last symbol so heres what that last one looks like.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Greg

“He knew not why he was drawn to this place, yet could not prevent his feet from treading the dirt path before him. Perhaps it was simply curiosity or perhaps it was destiny.”

After you listen into the doorway for Stacy’s cries, you’re gonna be in a room with lots of doors. This one seems hard if you’re not paying attention but the trick is when you stand near the doors,all but one will be silent. Go through the one with the noise. But its also just up, right, down, & right.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Stacy
Level- Ugh

“When her husband learned of her indiscretions, Stacy knew there wasn’t much time left. In fear for her life, she turned to an unlikely ally.”

You have to restart if you die AT ALLLLL.

Level 5- 2 cultists going left & right. Easy. Walk through them. Cut the power. Walk back to the elevator. Safe when cutting.

Level 4- 2 cultists walking in an “X”. Walk through them, cut it, go back. Safe when cutting.

Level 3- 1 cultist walking in an upside down triangle. The other in a right side up triangle. Your safe spot is in the middle of the room. You’re NOT safe when cutting the power.

level 2-
3 cultists
1 cultist walking in an upside down triangle. 1 towards the right walking in an upside down triangle but this one doesn’t go across the whole room. There’s a cultist walking in a right degree angle to the left. Avoid him when he’s walking down along the left wall. THE LEFT BOTTOM CORNER IS NOT SAFE!!! But the right corner is. You’re NOT safe cutting the power.

Level 1- LAST ONE
3 cultists, this one looks scary lmoa.
1 walking in an upside down triangle in a rather diagonal manner. One is doing the same thing but inverted. They both hit the power so you’ve gotta be quick cutting. The last one swipes along the bottom wall too so triple quick you’ve gotta cut. The 3rd one also hits the bottom left corner. The right corner isn’t safe either. You really don’t have safe spots so my advice is run. Careful though because right when you think you’re good, the 3rd one swipes along the wall.

Basement, just cut the power. There’s 0 cultists. Head to the right door. The left does nothing. Kinda foreshadows the temple
though haha.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5- Megan
Level- Easy with a guide, HARD without.

“Playtime was interrupted by the promptly setting sun. In that moment, the young girl realized she had gone far too deep into unfamiliar woods.”

If you take too long, you have to restart. You can tell you’ve taken too long when its getting darker.

Down, Left, down, right.]

Chapter 6

Chapter 6- ???
Level- Aggravating

“A young occultist found herself tangled in the bowels of the castle, searching for the final components The Council required.”

This one is pretty much the same as the first chapter. The basic direction of the skulls you must grab is left, right, and up. The skulls are automatically put where the sacrifice takes place when you grab them. Dying doesn’t reset the skulls but does reset where you’re standing. Just avoid the spikes.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8- Sandy
Level- Really hard without guide, Medium with guide

“After learning what Herman was involved with, Mrs. Sanderson reached out to a friend for help. They would meet up later that night.”

I’ve tried like a million times to run through it, its hard. Look at patterns. They seem hard to memorize at first but they’re not that bad.

1st cultist is going up and down, walk through him.
2nd cultist is walking in an upside down triangle pattern, safe space is middle.
3rd cultist is going diagonal, walk through.
4th is a right side up triangle, safe space is middle.
5th is diagonal, walk through.
6th is an upside down pentagon. Safe space is middle.

Okay almost there

7th cultist is diagonal, but this one has a safe space at the top.
8th is the same but the safe space is at the bottom. 7th & 8th cultist will not be synced.
Watch out near the top of the 8th n 9th cultist.
9th cultist has a slight safe space at the top, also diagonal but in a different direction then the 7th/8th’s.
The 9th & 10th’s cultists form a “V,” so you’ve got a safe space at the top in the middle of the two.
There’s also a safe space at the bottom of the 10th’s but watch out for the 9th cultist when there.
The 11ths gonna do a square, safe spot in the middle of it also a safe space towards the left bottom near the 10th cultist on the right.

The last two do long triangles. Inverted of eachother. The 12th will offer a safe spot at the top & one in the middle of it’s walking path. So will the last cultists. Grab the book. Now head backwards. I know im sorry. The key is to use your safe spots.

The get murdered by Charley <3

Chapter 7

Chapter 7- Luke
Level- Why’s this guy so speedy

Make sure to play all the chapters before chapter 7 because if you don’t you won’t get the achievement.

“In a moment he found himself somewhere else. Even though Luke wasn’t sure how he ended up here, he knew what must be done.”

Like the 2nd chapter, do the buttons, then walk through the doors. Be careful, Luke is FAST. My advice is to tap your keys, never holding your finger on them.

Statues go down. Touch the fire, be scared cuz Luke’s ghost kinda spooky.

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