Samorost 1 100% Walkthrough (All Levels Guide)

A complete guide and walkthrough for Samorost 1, from start to finish, with descriptions and images: if you have trouble figuring out how to proceed in a level, this guide has the solution you’re searching.



[1] In order to activate the game initial cutscene, just click on the observatory on top of the planet. Our protagonist, the Gnome, will see through the telescope a planet on a collision course with his own, and decides to travel to it in the Polokonzerva Rocket.

Level 1 – Hills

The Gnome lands on the planet at the bottom of a hill.

[1] Click on the loose rope to restore the ski lift

[2] Click on the Hookah’s pipe in the hands of the farmer for 3 times: he will smoke everything and drop the pipe to the ground

[3] Click on the pipe (now on the ground) to use it as a key and unlock the button

[4] Click on the red button: this will activate the ski lift and the Gnome will reach the top of the hill with a fashionable pair of ski

[5] Click on the sign 2 times so that it points west

[6] Click on the farmer that blocks the slide to make him move away. While he’s away, click on the Gnome to launch him into the next level.

Level 2 – Fisherman

The Gnome falls on an abandoned house near a cliff. You can click on the sheeps and enjoy their smooth voice or make them trip into the abyss (don’t worry, every damaged sheep will be replaced)

[1] Click on the fishing float at the bottom left of the screen: the fisherman will come out of his hut and catch a fish

[2] The scent of the fish lures a bunch of lizards towards the fisherman’s hut: be careful and click on them while they climb up the cliff to make them fall back. After you clicked all six lizards, the fisherman will throw a fishbone out of his door

[3] A vulture will fly to the fishbone and peck it. Click on the fishbone in order to make the vulture fly away with it and the Gnome scrounge him a ride to the next level.

Level 3 – Rocks

The vulture drops the Gnome on a rocky mountain with strange shapes.

[1] Click 4 times on the valve on the bird-shaped rock on the right. It will gradually move to the left (if you accidentally click more than 4 times, the rock will gradually go back to its original position: just do it again)

[2] Click on the large hole on the left, and a rocky tube will come out and reach the bird-shaped rock and make it covered with plants and flowers

[3] Click on the smaller hole near the top of the mountain, and some bees will come out lured by the flowers;
A lightbulb will peep from that same hole: Click it. It was in fact a man with a lightbulb as head, and he will use a ladder to climb up and place his head in the outlet

[4] Now that the contraption is powered up, click on the button on the wall to lift the elevator

[5] Click on the little nail-like button on the elevator, and then click on the Gnome to make him enter the elevator and descend to the next level.

Level 4 – Squirrel

The elevator gets stuck on a branch in the middle of the descent.

[1] Click on the hole in the tree to take a look inside the squirrel’s lair: he’s pissed by the noise of the worms

[2] Click on all the 4 worms that infest the tree so that the woodpecker can come out from his nest and eat them. Once he ate them all, there is no more noise

[3] Click on the squirrel: he will now remove his fingers from his ears

[4] Click 2 times on the red button on the squirrel’s gramophone, so that he switches to an upbeat music

[5] It seems that the sleeping owl appreciates this melody, and is now awake and perky: click on the owl 3 times as he jumps on the branch, until finally the elevator is freed and falls to the next level.

Level 5 – Anteater

The elevator swings down in the underwood, hanging above some mushrooms.

[1] Click on the nail-like button to open the elevator’s door, and then click again on the opened door to make the Gnome go out, bouncing on the shrooms

[2] Click on the lever/barrier on the tree that prevents the ants from heading towards the anteater

[3] Wait until an ant passes near the anteater, and while the anteater is busy eating the ant click on the stairs to sneak under him

[4] Click on the control panel next to the door and enter the pattern as in the attached image and the metal door will open

[5] Click on the now opened door and the Gnome will walk to the next level.

Level 6 – Mission Complete

The Gnome is in a pitch dark room, with just one red light.

[1] Turn the light on by clicking on the red dot on the right

[2] Click 2 times on the button labeled “+“: this will make the Q-meter reach a value of 50°

[3] Click on the button labeled with the icon of a ladder: a ladder will pop up near the Gnome

[4] Click on the ladder.
The Gnome will climb it and change the planet’s trajectory, saving both his home and this asteroid from destruction.
Enjoy the final cutscene while the Gnome returns home riding his loyal Polokonzerva Rocket: congratulations!

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