Sands of Salzaar: Console Commands (How to Enable)

How to enable the console. Along with some basic commands for money, skillpoints, etc, and a link to the dev page for the rest.


Enabling the console

In summary:
1. Go into Settings in the menu
2. Go to Hotkey
3. Scroll down a bit to Extra Features (Right under Sprint)
4. Set a key
5. Confirm changes

In Detail:
All you need to do to enable the console in game is simply set a hotkey for it. The entry is in Settings under the Hotkey tab. You’ll see “Extra Features” right past the Map hotkeys (Right under Quick save, Quick Load, and Sprint). Then you just pick a key to set. The tilde key (the key to the left of 1 and above tab) is always a good choice.

Just set the key and click confirm. If you are in a game, you should see the console pop up, along with a warning about how using the console commands will disable achievements and legacy gain. Just click cancel on the console and confirm your hotkey changes.

Example Commands

Here are a few basic commands to get you started. Things to keep in mind are there are a lot of asterisks (*) and commands are case sensitive.

Adding money: CHANGE_MONEY*<money>
Example adding 500 money-> CHANGE_MONEY*500

Adding XP to your party: TEAM_GAINEXP*<XP>
Example adding 500 XP-> TEAM_GAINEXP*500

Leveling everyone in your party: PLAYER_TEAM_LEVELUP*
NOTE: this will level up your heroes but they won’t gain skill points.

Adding skill points: ADD_UNUSEDSP*<points>
Example adding 5 skillpoints-> ADD_UNUSEDSP*5
NOTE: Then you get to pick who gets the points from a pop up window. Very convenient feature.

A lot of commands related to resources, talent points, attributes, etc, are related to getting specific ID codes. If I can find a list or get the hang of the commands for finding them I’ll update with the info (probably).

More information

Here is the link to the dev page with the full list of commands:

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