Satisfactory: Basic Aluminum Rates

Basic Aluminum Rates. Advanced Version Coming “Soon”.   Basic Aluminum Standard Recipes: 12 Bauxite —> 12 Alumina Solution |(120/m) -> (120/m) 18 Water —> 5 Silica |(180/m) -> (50/m) 4 Alumina Solution —> 6 Aluminum Scrap |(240/m) -> (360/m) 2 Coal —> 2 Water |(120/m) -> (120/m) 6 Aluminum Scrap —> 4 Aluminum Ingot |(90/m) […]

Satisfactory: Titan Forest Start Location

In satisfactory, there are currently 4 official starting areas. The plains, the rocky desert, the northern forest, and the dune desert. All of these areas are set up so that you can easily start a new game. The titan forest happens to be a viable location for starting a new game, so I have made […]