Say No! More: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to completing all of the steam achievements for the game Say No! More.



This is a guide for completing all achievements for the game Say No! More. This guide does not have 100% complete information, so any additional comments would be greatly appreciated.

Since there are no missable achievements, you can technically get all of them in one run (excluding the achievements that require you to reach a certain number of “No!”s). However, since the game is very short and only takes an hour and a half to complete, I would recommend playing the game at least once just for fun.

This guide is divided into three sections: Story-Related achievements, Saying No! A Lot achievements, and Hidden achievements. Story-Related achievements are automatically completed once you have finished each chapter. Saying No! A Lot achievements require you to say “No!” a specific amount of times. Hidden achievements are all of the other achievements, which can include spoilers.

Story-Related Achievements

These achievements are given to the players once they have completed each chapter, which 8 chapters in total. Pretty self explanatory. It’s also worth noting that you do not get an achievement for completing the Prologue or the Epilogue.

Great start!
Complete chapter 1.

Great colleagues!
Complete chapter 2.

Great meeting!
Complete chapter 3.

Great lunchbreak!
Complete chapter 4.

Great presentation!
Complete chapter 5.

Great view!
Complete chapter 6.

Great talk!
Complete chapter 7.

Say No! More
Complete the story.

Saying No! A Lot

There are four achievements regarding the amount of times you will say “No!”. The game will keep track of how many “No!”s you say. It might be easier to look into using Cheat Engine or other software to alter the number of “No!”s you say, especially for some of the later achievements. (I would put a tutorial in this guide, but I do not know how to use Cheat Engine lol)

Literally say No! more
Say “No!” 99 times.

Literally so No! more more
Say “No!” 999 times.

Literally say No! more more more
Say “No!” 9999 times.

Literally say No! more more more more
Say “No!” 99999 times.

Hidden Achievements

Here are all of the other achievements for the game. Here, they are going to be placed in order of appearance as best as I can, but some of these achievements can be completed at any time.

This section can include minor spoilers, but nothing major.

You look great!
Design your first character.
When you press the Start Game button, you will immediately be taken to a “Choose your character!” screen. Once here, you can choose from a variety of premade characters, or you can press the “Create new” button to create your own character. Once you confirm that you have finished creating your character, the achievement will pop up.

He’s just the janitooor!
Don’t hurt the janitor imp!
In the Prologue, when you are playing the Wizards of Nay game, do not do anything to the janitor imp (the fourth imp who is holding a black broom). Once the timer has finished, you will get the achievement.


Subscribe to the Coaches Channel.
In Chapter 1, at the end of the first tutorial, the Coach will ask you to subscribe to his channel. Do not do anything and wait for the timer to run out. Once the timer has finished, the achievement will pop up.

I’m gonna be the very best…
Play Alex’ new video game.
In Chapter 1, a coworker will ask you to test out their video game. Do nothing twice and play their game. Then, you will get the achievement!

Ha ha ha ha ha!
Make fun of 10 workers.
You will learn how to laugh in Chapter 1 during the first tutorial. Then, use the laughing technique on ten of your coworkers.

Not blinking is really hard!
Win a Staring Contest Fight!
To get this achievement, you must win a staring contest with a coworker in a brown robe. These people will appear at several points in the game (possibly one in every chapter after chapter 2?) and they will shout “Staring Contest!” when they encounter you. Just wait for the timer to go out and the achievement will pop up. The first coworker who will challenge you to a staring contest fight will be in Chapter 2.

Graham and Zaim are sitting in a tree, s-e-n-d-i-n-g e-a-c-h o-t-h-e-r l-e-t-t-e-r-s w-h-i-c-h i-s s-u-p-e-r c-u-t-e
Deliver Grahams letter.
In Chapter 2, Graham will ask you to deliver a letter to Zaim, so wait for the timer to run out to accept it. When you approach Zaim, he will try and brush you off, so this time, you say “No!” to give him the letter. Then, you will get the achievement.

Parking ain’t cheap!
Let someone pay for parking tickets.
In Chapter 5, during the debate, the CEO will have a question regarding paying for her parking tickets. Wait for the timer to run out for the question AND when the other contestant is going through their wallet. Then, you will get the achievement.

My eyes are burning!
Become the Staring Contest Champion!
In Chapter 6, there will be a person in a brown robe asking you to follow them. From there, they will lead you to the Staring Contest Champion, and you just have to wait for the timer to run out to win!

Really good Listener
End ten encounters without saying No.
Self explanatory. Wait for the pink dialogue boxes to appear and wait for the timer to run out, since those are usually the situations where you do not say no (but not always!).

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