Scarlet Hollow Episode 1: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to help you get all of the games achievements as the title suggests.


Trait achievements

You’re gonna have to play the game 4 times to get all the trait achievements.
Achievements in question being:

Mx North Carolina
Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way
Linguini Ratatouille
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Steve from Blue’s Clues
Candy From a Baby
Bell Pepper

Other achievements

The Boy Who Cried Nice House
– You can’t have the Street smart trait for this to work.
– When Tabitha is showing you around the house, you have to compliment each room you visit when given the dialogue choice. And you need to pick the dialogue option that has: (lie) after it.
– In the kitchen she will call you out for lying, but you still need to lie when seeing the bedroom for the achievement.

That Damned Smile
– She will give you her creepy smile multiple times throughout the story but one sure way I remember is when she is showing you the kitchen and you can tell her that PB&J is your favorite.

Urban Explorer
– Pretty self-explanatory, just explore the whole manor after you finish talking to Tabitha

Cooking by the book
– When given the choice to explore the manor go to the kitchen and make the PB&J sandwich.

Patient Zero
– There is already a guide on this but to recap. You can’t have the Powerful build trait for this one to work.
– Go to the kitchen and click on the moldy takeout and eat it. Then hold it in until you get to the dinner. There will be two opportunities to throw up before, once on the road to town and the second when you meet Stella, hold it in both times.

What were you expecting?
– You need to pet Frou-Frou when Tabitha is showing you the kitchen.
– And the second time is when you go to visit the kitchen alone after Tabitha has left, approach Frou-Frou and try to pet it again.

Can You Pet the Dog?
– The very first time you meet Gretchen choose to pet her, you will only have this one chance to do so.

Junior Mouseketeer
– First one is Tabitha when you first meet her and you’re driving in her car you can tell her.
– Second one is Stella when you’re out in the woods sitting on the grass after you ask her about her living situation.

Poor Trigger Discipline
– When given the option choose to grab the leash.

Old Yeller
– When given the choice grab the flashlight. And then when you find the nest say to shoot Gretchen and then offer to do it yourself.

Porqué no los Dos?
– You need the Powerful build trait for this one, then when presented with the option whether to grab the flashlight or the leash you will be able to grab both.

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