SCP Secret Laboratory: How to Install Exiled on Linux

This is an easy tutorial to install exiled in a SCP:SL server on Linux.



Get in the official EXILED discord server for support Discord Server[]

> cd in any location you want.


Replace 2.1.7 with latest available version !!!!!!!!!!![]

Replace serverfilespath with your server location path.

  • mv EXILED /.configpath

Replace .configpath with the .config server folder.

Thats it! Great Job.

Add a Plugin
To add a plugin go to EXILED Discord Server[] discord server and get one, you can simply download it from its GitHub repo.
First Step
Download the plugin
Second Step
Move the plugin .dll into the EXILED/Plugins folder.
To configure the plugin restart the server and now it configs will be auto-generated inside 7777config file. This file is in EXILED/Configs folder, take a look at it and configure the plugin.

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