SCP Secret Laboratory: How to Install Exiled on Linux

This is an easy tutorial to install exiled in a SCP:SL server on Linux.   Requirements SCP:SL server installed check this if you dont have it yet. Brain Get in the official EXILED discord server for support Discord Server[] Installation > cd in any location you want. Commands: Replace 2.1.7 with latest available version !!!!!!!!!!![] wget –no-check-certificate […]

SCP: Secret Laboratory – Utility Guide

Teaching you the correct way to use utility in SCP:SL including the utility SCPs.Grammar and spelling errors are present.   Adrenalinject Grabbin a shot! Ways of obtaining. Lockers Spawning in as MTF Commander Putting a Medkit on fine in SCP-914 What does it give ? 30AHP (Armoured Hitpoints) Regens 45-60HP over-time (Useful if you’re low […]