Scram – How to Dress Properly

this guide i am showing you how to dress in scram so you don’t look like a pleb like many others do.


what not to do

heres what you shouldnt do if you dont want to look like peasant.

1. no crazy color.

dont make your character a bunch of bright colors on every limb, like the guy above. make people have seizures when look at you. if you want to be a solid color do it like this guy has:

as you can see he is more gentle on the eyes and looks like a true peasant. he also has the ice tanker hat which makes him look even better.

2. dont wear presents. 

unless you have a black or white present dont wear it. it look stupid and makes you look noob. dont be like this guy and go around like this:

as you can see he look very stupid. plus how are you going to see with a box on your head??


examples of good attire

here are good characters that you should look up to. be like these people.



in order to survive in scram you must have hats. you can get hat from event or buy them in store. here are some hats:

in this group photo you see many hat. you can buy packs of hats like these from dlcs like scrammunism, or buy individual hats in black market. in black market you find really good hats. here are some more examples:

these hats can be bought in the stores.

the most fashionable hats in the game are the war sock (part of schristmas dlc) and the candle hat (black market). if you want to really look stylish buy one of those.

there is also way to get hat for free. ever so often scram has event that let you earn hats, or short parties where the developers give away free hats. events last for several weeks and the parties last for a few hours. if you want to catch one of these you should play scram often and you’ll run into one.


i dont have any hats

if you dont have any way to get hats you can still make do.

you can try to trade with people by using the “chill or trade” server on 1house.

or you can use skin colors to still look like handsome peasant you are.
these guys have used skin color to look fashionable:

they gave themselves a simple shirt to not look like noob.


sign off

by now you should know how to dress well in scram and look good. thank you for reading guide. make sure to use this guide.


This guide was written by Lemonfood

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