Scrap Mechanic: How to Create a Pixel Art Totebot

In this guide you will learn how to create your own pixel art totebot in 8 easy steps!


Step 1:
First make a ten by seven cube and and add four one by two rectangles at the bottom.
These will be the front legs.

Step 2:
Next add the side legs as shown. Done with the lower half, now time to paint it!

Step 3:
Now, paint the outline onto the legs using the darkest green color. Also paint some rust on the tip of the legs using the second darkest orange.

Step 4:
Finish painting the legs with the second darkest green, white, gray, black and brown.

Step 5:
Next, build a fourteen by eleven head on top, and paint the outline as shown.

Step 6:
Now finish painting the head by adding red eyes, a mouth, and some highlights.

Step 7:
Now we will add that cool electric wire on its head. Build a 2 block wide tube and paint it with the second lightest and second darkest cyan, as shown.

Step 8:
Add the final touches by adding a spark to the wire. use white and the lightest cyan for the colors.
Use glass to connect everything.

And there you go! Your very own totebot to decorate your world!

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