Scrapland Remastered: All Cheats Codes

Here is a full list of all cheat codes in Scrapland Remastered.


Codes and Purposes
God- Gives the player Infinite health, ammo and ability power.

Yoda- Kills enemies automatically.

Megagod- god and Yoda combined.

shent- Tested probably does something.

Freeze- Freezes everything but player.

Unfreeze- Unfreezes after freezing.

Speed (Number)- Changes speed.

mss- Crashes the game whilst trying to insert scraped map called “Crazy Mayor?”.

setcam- believed to allow player to set camera? But when used nothing happens except when pausing, the game can soft lock, to fix use code “Reload”.

antes- Game tries to spawn in character module but fails.

Free- No clip mode(Click E to teleport to location).

printhtraff- believed to spawn traffic, may crash game.

dropitem(number)- Game tries to drop item?.

Unpackdvf- Cannot be loaded.

stopmovie- Unknown.

movie2- Game crashes trying to open a missing audio file.

movie3- Game crashes tying to open missing audio file.

svr- game tries to load missing map then loads beta loading screen!

Join- Unknown (Believed to do something with multiplayer).

nextdeal- believed to skip crazy bet.

Reload- Reloads the game.

newshere- Tested, probably does nothing.

shlst- Unknown.

rdr- Causes radar to shrink, but when reloaded, pinpoints doors and other stuff on radar.

merc (number)- Spawns merc ships of any type.

sshot- Unknown, (Once code entered) game lags when pressing space.

membshow- shows amount of memory and garbage.

split- Loads multiplayer test.

getcamp- Cannot be loaded.

Screenshot- Takes screenshot.

camrot- Rotates camera.

mediumtraff- Changes hit box.

heavytraff-Changes hit box.

smallesttraff- Changes hit box.

traff- was probably going to be used to play any track of you liking, but the thing never was finished, other that or its meant for something else.

terminal- Gives infinite boost.

killer- Gives infinite ammo.

regod- Also god mode.

evil- Makes player invincible.

godcall- Also megagod.

cshow (number)- Shows graphs and information about objects and certain textures.

play (number)- game cannot load this code properly.

stop- Stops game.

go- Cancels stop out.

Thanks to AnonyCat for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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