Scrapnaut: All Item Lists (How to Craft)

This guide contains all the items that can be made in Scrapnaut. If you do not find any items in this list-be sure to write about it, we will add them to the list!   Crafting table IRON AXE Resources: Plank – 2 pcs. Scrap – 3 pcs. Crafting skills: Technology – 1 Blacksmithing – […]

Scrapnaut: All Food Recipes (How to Cook)

In this guide, I have indicated the dishes that can be cooked in a pot and how much they satisfy hunger and increase health. Products and how to cook them From these products you can prepare dishes: Tomato (not cooked gives +8 hunger and +7 health) Cauliflower (not cooked gives +10 hunger and +7 health) […]