SCUM: Trader Tool (How to Add Traders Items)

Here is a guide on how to add Traders Items in SCUM.


SCUM Trader Tool

With that SCUM Tool you can add new Items easily to the Traders (Economyoverride.json). This Program starts in German Language. If you are a international Player, you can change the Language with a click on “Deutsch” to “English”.

Please read the Readme Textdocument (it’s in the ZIP Archive) before you use our Tool!


Not needed. You just only need to download the SCUM Trader Tool. Once the download is complete, you must unpack the ZIP Archive (WinRar or other). The SCUM Trader Tool is allowed by the SCUM / Gamepires Developers.



Fill in all the fields (you need the Asset Name of the Item), select “Can be purchased” and click on “Create”. Clicking Copy (Result) copies the Code to the Clipboard. If an Item is to be added to existing Code, a Comma can be appended to it with “Item will be added”.


More Informations: GitHub Repository[]
Bug Reports / Feature Requests: Issues[]

It’s completly free and allowed by the Devs.

Thanks to SIMON for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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