SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE: Mobile Armor Boss Battle Guide

Mobile Armor type boss battle has a different combat mechanism compare to a MS boss battle. Here’s a tips and guide for Mobile Armor type boss.


1. Introduction

Mobile Armor boss has a very different mechanism compare to a MS type boss. If you don’t know what to do with the Mobile Armor type boss, it could be a very tough boss battle, and it could give you an extreme frustration. I’ll tell you what to do and what to not to do agains the Mobile type boss.

2. Video Example

This is a video example battle. Following Chapter will explain what to do and what to not to do.

3. Skill and Parts Build

1. Skills

– Medic : If you’re over Lv.80 , you can top up your repair kits everytime you cast your role action.
– Guard Artisan : You can’t always perform a perfect guard and your guard guage will depleted. You can recover your guard guage every your perfect guard.
– Eyes Of A Hawk : You will need a lot of boost guage. And you will do a lot of a perfect sidestep. This skill will recover your boost guage.

– Dauntless & Regenerator : Dauntless skill will prevent your system down and Regenerator will keep regen your HP above 0 therefore even after 15 seconds of Dauntless time limit, you can keep survive with regened HP.

2. Parts

– Sidestep Invulnerability time up + 0.01 ~ + 0.03
– Perfect Guard Window Up + 0.01 ~ +0.03

Sidestep and Perfect Guard is most important for the MA type boss battle. Put this options as much as you can.

– Attack type changed to physical : Some MA boss has I-Field or Barrier against Beam type ranged attack. You can use this part to prevent this situation.

4. What to do / What to not to do

Mobile Armor type boss has extremely high balancer stat. You can’t stun MA type Boss like MS type Boss. Here’s what to do, and what to not to do

– What to do

1. Guard First , Sidestep Second

Few of MA’s attack has multiple hit type attack, and it has longer hitbox collision frame than sidestep’s Iframe window. Even you succeed a perfect sidestep, you may get hit from the following hitbox frame. If you’re not sure use guard, instead of the sidestep.

2. Know your perfect sidestep moment.

There’s a certain MA attack that you can perform a perfect sidestep. Find those attack pattern and use your perfect sidestep. You have no time to recover your Boost Gauge. Therefore this type of attack is a perfect time for your boost guage recovery with your skill “Eye of the Hawk”

3. Find your target’s weakness point.

Every MA has a weakness spot. Keep lock-on your target on the weakness spot and attack with your standard attack once or twice. If you keep attack enemy’s weakness spot, it will eventually get stunned for a long time. MA type boss has an aggressive phase when their HP is under 20~25%. If you keep damaged enemy’s weakness spot, they will usually get stunned around of 20~25% and you can perform highest DPS combo against the stunned target. If you have failed to stun your enemy, you will face a difficult time with enemy’s final aggressive phase.

4. Hit and Run

Hit and Run is basic strategy for MA type boss. Do not attack first. Wait until the next attack is coming, and guard or dodge it first. Right after your guard/dodge, now it’s your time to attack. Attack with a standard attack once or twice and then move away from the boss. Special attack usually has long recovery time and it makes you vulnerable. I recommend you attack a standard attack first, and if you’re very sure, then you can use a special or charged attack.

5. Know your safe repair kit time.

All MA has a charge type attack and an attack pattern with a long recovery time. When your HP is low, don’t just use your repair kit. Wait until the MA is using a certain type of attack that you can safely use your repair kit. Some attack has an extremely short recovery time that they can attack while your repair time. Therefore keep focus on guard/dodge and wait until right time is coming.

– What to not to do

1. Do not sidestep only

As I told you, most of MA’s attack has longer hitbox collision window than your sidestep Iframe window. Therefore unless you’re 100% sure that you can perform a perfect sidestep, try to guard first.

2. Do not lock on unnecessary spot.

Always lock on enemy’s weakness spot. If you don’t attack non weakness spot, you won’t stun your enemy and you will face the full final phase which is extremely aggressive and tough.

3. Do not attack first and do not spam your attack.

Hit and Run is a basic strat. All MA has very aggressive behaviour, and they will always attack you. Let them attack you first, and dodge/guard it. After your dodge/guard, attack once or twice only and move away from MA.

4. Don’t spam your sub-weapon

Sub-weapon usually has a slow projectile speed and a long recovery time. Don’t make yourself vulnerable. Only use when you can use a certain sub weapon type.

Thanks to Meep for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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