Sea of Thieves: Dark Brethren Guide (A Pirate’s Life)

This is a guide for all the Achievements in the new A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale “Dark Brethren”


Tall Tale Guide | Part 1

Step 1: Start the Dark Brethren Tall Tale

As soon as you start the Tall Tale, The Castaway will start talking to you and your crew. She explains that Davy Jones is extremely upset that his plans for Jack have been thwarted and that the Sea Queen has been vanquished.

The Castaway will reveal Captain Jack Sparrow who has secretly been listening. She then reveals herself to be Calypso!

She came to the Sea of Thieves to protect the waters from Davy Jones. The pirates of the Sea of Thieves threaten Davy Jones and he wants to put an end to this domain for which he has no control over.

As he has had to put up a good fight, he has summoned his own version of the Brethren Court.
With Jack at our side, we need to break into the Coral Fortress, where he will be holding his court.

Step 2: Sail to the Coral Fortress

On the last page in your Tall Tale book you will find a map of where you need to sail to.
The Coral Fortress is located above I1 and J1, just a bit into the red sea, extremely North on the map.

As you approach you will be greeted with large waves, cold rain and harsh winds.

Step 3: Enter the Coral Fortress

Sail up to the South side of the fortress and you should find a large entrance highlighted with blue coral.
Head inside and you’ll come to a stone door with two large mermaid statues on either side and Captain Jack Sparrow. Jack will open the door with a locket from Tia that was left on the Black Pearl ages ago.
The lock plays music that is near and dear to Davy Jones. Jack will hold the locket up to the door and after it plays its tune the stone door will open.
Head inside and you will swim through an underwater tunnel. You’ll come to a dead end but Jack will help you up and remove the blocking stone.

Step 4: Traveling through the Coral Fortress

In this small cavern, stand on the geyser to be push up to a ledge. Use the pulley to bring a wooden beam closer to you to jump on. Jump across and continue to make your way up the path.
You’ll find Jack waiting for you just before he slips backwards down a slide. Follow him for the ride!

Step 5: The Chamber of Sorrow

The water slide will spit you out into a giant chamber with the Flying Dutchman. You’ll want to board the ship. Unlike galleons, you’ll find the ladder up near the front of the ship.

Head down into the hull to the map table and remove the dagger.
Doing this will awaken the ship and the door to the organ room will open.

Head inside to find Jack holding Sheet Music.
Pick up the Sheet Music and use the organ.

Step 5: Solve the Organ Puzzle

To solve the organ puzzle you will want to take note of which keys are more worn than the others. You’ll notice a set of keys to the left that are more worn. The leftmost white key has a big scratch on it that looks like the number 1. This is your starting position, key one. The last key in the grouping is key eight.

If you look at the sheet music, you will see the keys you need to play and in which order. The number on each key is the order.

You can move around the piano keys by pressing left, right, up and down. You play the key by pressing your jump button.

Following the sheet music: play key one, play key two, play key three, play key four, play key five, play key eight, play the black key between key five and six, play key five.

Playing the keys in the proper order will light all the candles and start a large battle!

Step 6: Defend the Flying Dutchman

After completing the organ puzzle, waves of enemies will fire down upon you on the ship. You have to wait for the song to complete and the giant door behind the Flying Dutchman to open. Each wave you complete, a giant siren statue will emit a red glow. Once all the statues are glowing and the waves are over, the door behind the Flying Dutchman will open.

Step 7: Travel Through the Fortress

Swim through the area just opened up and you encounter a few sirens. Dispatch of them and move forward to a large room with water pouring down.

Dive below and you’ll find three pieces of shipwreck tied down by weak rope. Break all six pieces of rope and the platforms will rise.

Use the newly created platforms to jump across to a platform with a ladder on it. Climb up the ladder and use the pulley to lower a wooden structure nearby.

Head to that wooden structure and Captain Jack Sparrow will appear. You are currently blocked from progressing but Jack will help you out. He will open up the rock door and you can continue up.

Once up top, you will meet Jack again but your progress will be blocked by a wooden door this time. Jack will give you a Siren Heart that will hopefully help you get past these obstacles.

Put the heart in the one of two statues that is missing one. Match up the painting in the room with the two statues so that both siren statues have their arms raised high. Damage the siren statue with the conch and the wooden door will lift for you to proceed.

The next large cavern has three siren statues you need to match with their paintings. Ignore the pulley for now. You will immediately see one siren statue in front of you as you walk in. Its corresponding painting is just to the left of it. Make this siren statue’s arm low.

The next siren statue can be found if you walk to the end of the handing shipwreck. Look to your left and you will see the painting and the siren statue above it to the left. You’ll need to shoot it to raise its arm to middle. You can find an armory next to the first siren statue.

The third statue can be found if you look to the right when standing at the end of the shipwreck, opposite the one you just did. It’s high up and you’ll need to shoot this statue until its arm is high.

Once you have all the positions correct, shoot the siren statue with the conch. You can see this statue if you are standing at the end of the hanging shipwreck.

Once you have complete the puzzle, the waterfall in front of the shipwreck will go away. Walk back to the first siren statue near the ammo and armory to find a pulley. Use that pulley to lift the shipwreck. Run up the shipwreck and jump across.

Continue to make your way up and cross several masts over large drops.

You’ll come to another siren statue puzzle. Both arms should be high. You’ll find the conch siren statue you need to damage at the other side of the mast you just crossed. Damage the statue and the door will lift.

Fall down into the next room and prepare for battle!

Tall Tale Guide | Part 2

Step 8: Deep into the Fortress

After you dispatch of the Ocean Crawlers, make your way up to a small room that is blocked by a wooden door. Use the geyser to get up onto a ledge where you will find a spool of rope with a weak link. Damage the rope and the door will fall out of the way.

You will need to damage the pink plant to break the airlock and get into the next room.

You will encounter another siren statue puzzle.

The chain siren statue should have its arm low, the flora siren statue should be at high, and the mineral siren statue should be medium. Damage the conch holding siren statue to raise the water level.

The next room will have two masts and two pulleys on each side of the room. Quickly use both pulleys to make a walkway for you to climb up the room.

You will come to a water slide that will lead you to the next chamber.

Step 9: The Court Convenes

You immediately start eavesdropping in on an interesting conversation between evil foes as you fall into this next area.

Step 10: Ritual of Thieves

You will enter the final room with the final showdown. You and Captain Jack Sparrow are trying to disrupt the ritual but Davy Jones has put a forcefield of sorts around them.

While you and Jack try to figure a way to break through, you will fight off waves of Ocean Crawlers. Throughout the fight, Jack will ask you to use a pulley to help him gather supplies.

The first pulley you’ll need to use is on the North side of the room.
The second pulley is on the South side.

Jack will finally give you access to cannons where the fight will come to its climax.

Once the forcefield is broken, Davy Jones will disappear and the Tall Tale will end.

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Secret Waters commendation

As you slide down to follow Jack, hold right on your joystick or slow down with S and change direction with D on your keyboard to slide right to a secret pathway.

Dark Desires commendation

Slowly walk up but stay hidden so you can hear the conversation between the Brethren Court take place. If you wait the entire conversation, about three or so minutes, you will unlock the Dark Desires commendation.

The Siren’s Call commendation

For this you need to activate 3 levers in the correct order on 5 locations during the tall tale.

After the entrance

1. Lever
2. Lever
3. Lever
Siren Mural:

At the Flying Dutchmann

1. Lever
2. Lever
3. Lever
Siren Mural:

After the Dutchmann

Siren Mural:
Will follow

During/After the jump and run part

Siren Mural:

After the mermaid puzzle (water rising)

Siren Mural:
Will follow

Heart of a Thief commendation

To complete this commendation you will need to solve the block puzzle in the Brethren Court. To properly find the solutions to the block puzzle yourself, you will have had to been working on The Siren’s Call commendation which requires you to discover all the hidden Siren Murals in the Coral Fortress.

To solve the puzzle, you will need to match the five hidden murals up with the five blocks found in the Brethren Court.

Rotate the blocks as such from left to right: Shark, Mermaid, Trident, Squares, Ship

Solving the puzzle will open up a secret compartment with the Dead Man’s Chest Key inside. Take the key to the Dead Man’s Chest near the table in the room. Open it up and you will find a Mysterious Parchment inside. You can read the parchment in your Tall Tale book. This will complete the commendation.


1 – right as you enter into the kingdom (right side on shipwreck)

2 – Swimming underwater from the enterance

3 – Just after the geeser blast and the wooden beam (jump of the tip of the wooden beam and it wil be on a ledge)

4 – Inside dutchman cpt quarters

5 – After dutchman battle completion swim into the next room and on the water surface it is in a cage
6 – In the same room as 5 under the wooden structure at the back right of the room

7 – In the room where you fight the ocean crawlers after completing the mermaid puzzles (left side hidden in some coral near waters edge)

8 – After completing the mermaid puzzle where the water rises (front right corner)

9 – Just before entering the brethren court room (in a dark area on the right hand wall)
10 – Behind the chair in the brethren court room

Thanks to Drasuk for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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