Sea of Thieves: How To Change Your Lantern’s Color (Flames of Fate)

A straight-forward guide to obtaining all 6 Flames of Fate

So you’re trying to find the Flames of Fate, well you’re in the right place.
For those who don’t know, these flames are acquired from the lantern in the Ferry of the Damned.
By dying in specific ways you get different colored flames.

You need these flames for the fort of the damned as well as Athena’s run of beach haven and you can unlock lots of commendations using them or you can just make your ship look fancy.

There are 6 colors you can obtain:


Here’s how to get them all.


You need to die to any skeleton.


You need to die from burning in fire, lava or the rocks that fall from the sky during a volcanic eruption.


You need to die from lightning in the storm.


You need to die to a sea creature. This means sharks, sirens or even the megdlodon.


You need to die from venom. The venom can come from snakes, the kraken or venomballs.


You need to die to another player. Keep in mind that team kills don’t work and
the player has to be from an other crew.

Those were the Flames of Fate, if you’re gathering them all remember to save them in your ship’s lanterns because if you die the flames reset.
Also keep in mind that if your ship sinks the flames will sink with it.

Thanks to HsBoi for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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