Search Party: 100% Achievement Guide (All Endings)

A guide for how to get all achievements and endings in Search Party



This is a guide on how to get all 16 achievements in the game Search Party! This guide includes massive spoilers, so please keep this in mind before continuing!

Get Away!

This is a straightforward enough achievement, just confront the killer and knock him on his rear. While he can be intimidating, this is where the killer’s slow wind-up works in your favor. While he’s rearing up to attack (you can tell when he’s about to swing when a light shines on his sickle), you have a quick chance to either perform a quick swing with whatever weapon you have on hand, or quickly dodge to the left or right of the killer. Hitting the killer knocks them back midswing, leaving him swinging at air.* Because medkits are finite in this game, nailing the timing so as to avoid getting struck is crucial to beating the game.
To knock him down, you will need to land five successful shots on him in a single room – damage you do to him doesn’t carry over into other parts of the house, and depending on if you have any special weapons unlocked from the shop, most of the weapons in the game have about 10 to 15 shots before they break, so it’s prudent to get your licks in when possible.
It’s important to mention, also, that there is no way to kill the killer permanently, so the best course of action once he’s down is to leave and continue to another room while he’s no longer aware of your presence.
*Because of how hitboxes work in this game, this tactic is only useful for standing to the left or right of the killer – standing above or below him and trying to dodge isn’t quite as ideal, in my experience.

This Time, I Mean It!
This is the same as the Get Away! achievement, but knocking the killer down at least five times. Because of the way Ending A has to be achieved, it’s recommended to try and do this achievement after either working towards a certain point in Ending A, or acquiring a weapon in the shop, because the shop weapons all have outrageously good condition that can carry you throughout the entire run without too much trouble. Previous advice on how to deal with the killer still applies, however.

Helping Hand
This is possibly the earliest achievement you can get after first entering the house. Once you’ve retrieved the House Key from the attic, head back out through the back entrance to the lawn and open the door to the shed. You will find a save room with an opening in the back. Approaching this opening reveals a new friend, and the achievement’s yours.

Bolt Cutters
After retrieving the House Key, you will need to unlock the door on the second floor, circle around to the room connected to it, and push the statue in that room in a crack in the floor. Jumping down the resulting hole will lead you to the Attic Key. Once this is secure, head back up to the attic and use this key on the door to the bottom-left of the latter. Inside, you will find a pair of bolt cutters which open up more routes in the house, and nets you an achievement.

Blue Key
At this point, you may have already run into the helping hand in the shed. To get this achievement, you will need to locate 15 of the 35 coins throughout the game, and pay the hand three times. The first two payments get you a health and inventory upgrade, and the third gives you a Blue Key. Picking up this gets you the achievement. It’s also a necessary item for getting Ending A.

Lawnmower Massacre
This one you can get immediately after walking onto the lawn. Just attack the grass with a bladed weapon a few times and this achievement will unlock.

What’s In The Basement?
Once you’ve gotten your hands on the Bolt Cutters, go to the first floor and unlock the entryway in the room where you found the Living Room Key. This will lead to a basement filled with porcelain dolls, but your target here is a heavily damaged wall not far from where you first enter. Attacking this wall will destroy it, and walking through the new pathway will unlock this achievement.

Dream Place
This achievement is a bit obscure, because it’s specific to getting Ending A, but getting it is straightforward enough. After your first visit to the attic, go back up and you meet an unexpected guest near Daniel’s body, along with some photographs. These pictures show a ‘liar’ wall next to the pictures in the basement hallway. Just like with the damaged wall, attacking this one will open up a new area in the basement called the Dream Place, and this achievement will unlock.

Ending A – Goodbye, Daniel
Because of the nature of how this ending is achieved, this is potentially the one you might want to focus on after getting endings B and C. With that said, getting this ending is as follows:

Once you enter the house and unlock the first door with the living room key, head up the floors to the attic and get the House Key once you see Daniel. Make a note of the strange blue painting on the third floor.

From there, unlock the door on the second floor with the House Key, enter the room connecting to it, and push the statue in that room across the floor to the damaged part of the floor.

Jump down the resulting hole in the floor to pick up the Attic Key, head back up to the Attic, and unlock the door to the bottom left of the ladder. Inside that room will be the Bolt Cutters.

Head back down to the first floor, and use the Bolt Cutters on the locked trapdoor in the room where you found the Living Room key.

Destroy the damaged wall north of where you entered, follow the new pathway to the triptych made to look like a face, and attack the wall to the right of it to enter the dream place.

Head to the far left of the checkerboard floor until you reach a grassy area. Directly to the left will be two floating pictures. To the bottom left will be a grieving woman next to an open grave, and a headless attacker with a knife. The end of this path will have a Fence Key.

Taking the fence key will unlock both gates to the north and south of where you first entered the grassy area. Inside will be a coffin and a doll house. Interact with both, and the items will switch places with the pictures from earlier.

Once this is done, there will be a Mystery Key between where the two pictures were. Take this, and head back to the checkerboard area. Head straight and there will be a door you can unlock.

Going in this door will lead to an arena with a blue door. Interacting with the blue door will spawn the killer, and the giant head enemy. Your goal here is to follow the instructions in the earlier cutscenes, and attack the killer until they fall down, making them easy prey for the giant head. It’s crucial to knock down the killer during this stage because without that, the giant head will attack you instead. The fight ends when the killer is beheaded.

If you haven’t done so already, after this fight you’ll want to go to the hand in the shed and pay them 15 coins to get the Blue Key. With this in hand, all you have to do is unlock the blue door that’s where the painting was on the third floor and the ending is complete.

Ending B – Lost In The Woods
This ending involves the same steps as Ending A up until the destruction of the damaged wall in the basement. Your goal after this is to follow the new pathway all the way to the end, where you will reach a series of statues guarding the Basement Key. Two of these statues will attack you so be on your guard!

Unlock the key in the statue room and you will enter a room full of beheaded Daniels. Entering the room up north of here will lead to a room with a coin and a Fire Axe. A beheaded enemy will attack you as you try to leave. Upon dealing with them, you’ll find the statues in the preceding room have been formed on the ground to look like a smile. This will be important for a puzzle later.

Going to the bottom of the Daniel room will lead to a dark room filled with cages, and one beheaded enemy. Walking through this area leads to a room with a Head Key and an inventory box. Upon leaving this room, your next destination is the room to the north of the one you exited, next to the giant water heater.

There will be a 4 x 4 grid on the ground, surrounded by statues. Push the statues into the same smile formation in the earlier room and the Head Key will appear.

With both Head Keys in your possession, there are two headless statues in the pathway you opened earlier, next to a ladder leading to the shed. Interacting with both statues with both Head Keys will open a new area.

Upon entering, you will be attacked by the giant head enemy. Your only recourse is to run through the hallways looking for an exit. Inside these hallways are a plethora of statues you will need to dodge and avoid to prevent getting bitten to death.

Once you reach a certain point, you will find a growing light leading to a ladder. Upon leaving, you find yourself next to a trapdoor and a photograph, with no path in sight. Ending B is now complete.

Ending C – No Escape
This ending requires the least amount of traversal through the house, so i’d recommend aiming for this ending if you’re going for the speedrun achievements.

Starting with when you get the Bolt Cutters, you will want to open the door locked by chains on the third floor. There, you will find the Car Key on the floor. Heading back outside, you can now use the Bolt Cutters on the gate to the far left of the fence, and head back to the garage where you first found the Old Axe. Interact with the car with the Car Key and you hop in and drive off.

You then find yourself stranded without any gas. Waiting for a little under a minute, you discover an entity that’s decided you’re not going anywhere. Thus ends Ending C.

Ending D – Vacation
The only thing you need to do to achieve this ending is to find and collect all 35 coins throughout the game. They are strewn all throughout the floors of the house and on the lawn, either on the floor, in crates, or behind fake walls. There aren’t any in the Dream Place, but the Dream Place does have the location of the fake walls on some photographs.

The only thing you can do with the coins is give them to the hand in the shed. It works like this – every five coins, you will get a new boon to help you in the game (health upgrade, inventory upgrade, Blue Key, second health ugrade, second inventory upgrade, Sickle)

After the seventh payment, the hand retreats inside their hole, and you can now enter yourself. Once you enter the Hand’s Hideout, you can treat yourself to a little vacation. That’s Ending D.

Ending E – *Bark*
All you need for this ending is the Bolt Cutters to open the outside fence gate, and walk around the house until you reach the other side of the fence. You’re aiming to reach the very back of the fence, where you will find a statue and a path next to it. Follow the path upwards and you will find a big surprise!

Speedrun Achievements
There are three separate achievements for speedruns in Search Party, one for 25 minutes, 15 minutes, and 10 minutes. In addition, the developer Lum has also included a speedrun counter that’s activated in the Options menu.

If you manage to get one playthrough done in 10 minutes time, all three achievements will unlock at once. As mentioned earlier, i personally did it with ending C, but either endings C or E can be reasonably done within that time-frame.

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