Sector’s Edge: Basic Structures for Beginners

The must-have pre-built structures for Sector’s Edge.


Structures are very important as they allow you to put them many blocks at once, allowing you to build cover while taking fire, or build structures to create new flaking routes.

To begin hold down the structure key (default ‘c’) and hover your cursor over a structure to select it.

You should now have your build tool selected. Press ‘1’ anytime to switch back to your main weapon.

With the tool selected, use the ghost to see where your structure is going to be placed. Use mouse 1 to place.

You can set in the settings to let you manually rotate the structure, though I recommend you leave it so it just places towards the direction you are looking at (default).

To build on the pad use ‘q’ to select the build tool, and ‘e’ to select the delete tool. The maximum build size is 5x5x5.

You can use ‘insert’ key to choose which block to center the build. The structure will be placed around the selected block when you are building it.

Standard Staircase
This is a standard staircase to allow you reach high places. It will not protect you from enemy fire very well, but it should not be used for that purpose anyways.

Beware when using this in combat, you can be easily shot from the side, and they can also destroy it easily when shooting out the base.

Headglitch Staircase
This is one of the most useful structures. The staircase is one of the most versatile structures. It’s width prevents enemies from easily shooting down your structure, while it’s staircase nature allows you to move up and down it to shoot and duck while only revealing your head.

As this is one of the most useful structure, I recommend you set a bind key for this in your settings.

For me, it build this staircase on Pad 6, but for you it will be different. Also I replaced the original shortcut for ‘z’, which was select previous structure on your build wheel as I believe it to not be very useful. You can choose to do it like this, or choose to bind it to a key on your mouse, just make sure raw input is set to true.

Floor/Ceiling and Wall
Just a flat surface. Useful when enemies blow up your ceiling or floor and you have to patch things up.

Upright wall is also useful when enemies try digging a tunnel into the point while you guys are on it. Use it to lock them straight out.

I haven’t found this as useful as the headglitch staircase, but I found this to be quite useful when I’m surrounded and this lets me crouch spam to headglitch as well.

Pillar Spam
A structure my shotgun main friend uses is the pillar spam. It lets you get in close with the shotgun and providing cover while forcing other players who wishes to push you into CQB, giving you a massive advantage (provided you are using a shotgun of course).

I don’t have a in-game image of it yet, but it looks something like this from above.

Alternate version:

Addition Tips
1. When you press C (not hold) it will select the structure on the biggest building pad.

ie if pad 1,2,6,8 are filled, it will select the structure on pad 8.

So you should always build the structure that you will use the most on Pad 9.
(personally I only use 4 structures which is why I have my staircase on 6)

2. If you can, bind crouch to a button on your mouse. The game only lets you slide if you are holding down shift, and if you use the default binding scheme, that’s essentially impossible.

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