Seed of the Dead Sweet Home: How to Clear the Shower Mini-game

Here is a simple tutorial on how to clear the shower in Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home.


How to Clear the Shower Mini-game

Stage 2
Hit the belly area.
Hit the upper back/neck.
Hit both breasts.
Hit both shoulder blades.
Hit both feet.
Hit top of head/hair.

Stage 3
Hit both hands.
Hit both knees.
Hit both elbows.
Hit both hips/butt cheeks.
Hit breasts/upper chest.
Credit to Agape


Mon, August 30, 2021 | The Patch version 1.031 is now available on Steam. which fixed some issues and collisions for the previous version.

– Fixed a problem that prevented message skipping if you had played an older version of the demo version.
– Fixed an issue that caused high heat generation on some high-performance GPUs.
– Fixed an issue where the effects of some items were being swapped.
– Fixed some Spanish language around options.
– Fixed some collisions in Act 6.
– Fixed some collisions in Act5.
– Fixed some collisions in Act2.

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