September 7th: 100% Achievement Guide

A detailed achievement guide and walkthrough to get you your 100% as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Step by step instructions.


Estimated difficulty: 1/10.

Estimated 100% time: ~30-45 minutes.

Offline/online achievements: 13 offline / 0 online.

Number of playthroughs: 1.

Glitched achievements: None.

Missable Achievements: None. Chapter select.

Story Achievements

Hello! You have started the game «September 7th»

Such a September…

My new home…


Strange neighbors…

Hello my old friend…

Is anyone here?

Was it a dream or not?

Wake up!!!

The final! You have finished the game “September 7th”

All 10 of these will unlock simply for playing through the game. A single playthrough should take you about 30 minutes or less.

Misc. Achievements

Start playing!

Simply idle on the main menu for 10 minutes straight.

Yard Musya…

This can only be unlocked upon entering your apartment building for the first time. At the start of the game, head up to the landing just before the 3rd floor to spot a cat sleeping on the windowsill. Interact with it. If you entered your apartment for the first time, you will need to load the “Such a September” chapter.

Flushed it down the toilet…

This is unlocked when you’re searching for the 4 Christmas tree ornaments. After using the bolt cutter on the living room door, open the first door to your right to find a bathroom. Flush the toilet and leave the room. If you missed it, you will need to load the “Hello, Old Friend” chapter.


  • As soon as you start the game, grab the star on the table in front of you.
  • After entering your apartment block, head right and enter your building. Head up to the landing just before the 3rd floor to find a cat sleeping. Pet it for an achievement,
  • Grab the present and enter your room on the 3rd floor.
  • After loading in, look above the front door and to the right a bit for a breaker panel. Activate it to turn on the lights, then open the gift on the floor.
  • Open the door to the right of the present, and enter the next room on your right. Unpack your bag, then head back out to the front of the apartment. Turn the lights back on and make your way to the kitchen to find a chore list on the fridge.
  • You’ll have to do these in the order listed. Uncover the 2 couches by the piano, wash the dishes in the sink, turn the lights back on, interact with the broom across from the couches, and finally head back to the kitchen.
  • All that’s left is throwing out the trash. You can find it by the front door. Head outside and go to the dumpsters inside the park.
  • On your way back in you’ll spot the sweet granny next door. Go inside to check on her. Afterwards, you’ll find the door to the apartment locked. Head back to the boarded up kitchen and read the note on the boards.
  • You can now leave. Go up to your apartment and interact with the phone in the kitchen.
  • After Anya hangs up, there will be a small puzzle to solve by reading the note on the “tree”. If you want the solution, it is 3654.
  • Open the back door of the kitchen to find a hatch and a keypad. Unlock the hatch and crawl inside.
  • Head into the living room and grab the bells off the large green present.
  • Interact with the boards covering the doorway to your room, then head back into the hall the hatch led in to. Above the work bench is a note you need to read to spawn the crowbar. Once you’ve read it, look between the couches.
  • Open your room and go inside. Grab the candy cane off the “tree”, then read the note on the body in the middle of the room. Open your dresser and move the pile of clothes to find a bolt cutter.
  • After breaking the chain on the front door, enter the first door to your right in the next hall. Flush the toilet and leave for an achievement.
  • Break the boards to the bathroom and drain the tub to find an ornament.
  • Next, enter the door that would normally lead out of the apartment. This time you’ll find a long hall that leads us back to the star from the start of the game.
  • With all 4 ornaments in hand, head back to the living room to finish the game.

Thanks to Stef for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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