Serious Sam 4: All Secrets Guide

An illustrated guide to all the secrets in the game, with the rewards described. this guide is work in progress, we will update later.


Death from Above (8 secrets)

Secret 1 – Rocket Launcher

*Behind this broken wardrobe in the first tunnel is the traditional “first level Rocket Launcher”

Secret 2 – Health & Rockets

*When you first encounter the Processed, to your right there should be a couple of buildings. Inside this building with the statues in front, jump on the ledges to the small alcove for some health and rocket ammo.

Secret 3 – Armor

*Just before picking up the single shotgun, turn right and go behind a bush to get some armor

Secret 4 – Armor

*In the sidequest area, pass through another bush to get another some more armor.

Secret 5 – Health & Shells

*Just as you leave the ruins and enter the city streets, go right, past the concrete blocks.

Secret 6 – Armor

*Further along the level, jump on the white minivan, then the yellow truck and you’ll get yet another armor pickup.

Secret 7 – Health, Armor & Shells

*Before the enter the final area of the level, go to the corner, past the concrete slab for a secret supply depot.

Secret 8 – Secret Cow King

*After you deal with the Scrapjacks and Gamma Troops, go down this bridge and you’ll come across a fence with a sign. Quicksave, ignore the warning, shoot the sign and immediately regret it.

Death from Below (7 Secrets)

Secret 1 – Supplies & L.I.F.E.

*After you fight some Processed and a Belcher, you should come across the second radio in this level. There are 3 secrets in this area, and the first one is the most frustrating to get. You need to jump from the garbagе container (1), to the concrete block(2), then the balcony(3). From here, jump to the other stone block(4), then the air conditioner(5) (I found it easier to jump backwards), then very carefully jump on the wooden beam(6). From there, jump to the small balcony(7) on the side of the building, then onto the one with the open window(8) to get the secret supply depot.

Secret 2 – Health

*In the same area, look for a balcony with two cars in front of it. Jump on the red car(1), then the air conditioner(2), then sprint and jump towards the balcony(3) for a bunch of health pickups.

Secret 3 – Armor

*Oposite the previous secret is a small booth. Jump on the small block(1) behind it, then jump onto the booth(2) and collect the armor pieces.

Secret 4 – Ammo Depot

*This is in the area where you encounter a bunch of Gamma Troopers talking about gorilla warfare. Jump up the boxes(1,2), then onto the fence(3) and finally onto the balcony(4) for some ammo.

Secret 5 – L.I.F.E.

*On the rooftop of the side mission “We can be Heroes”, there is a small balcony to the left of the entrance with a L.I.F.E. gadget. Simply sprint and jump onto the balcony to get it. To get back to the main roof, simply jump down and you will be teleported. Interestingly in this area, you can jump off the roof about 10 times and you will be teleported back, but after a certain point you will simply fall and die, so quicksave before going to the balcony, just in case.

Secret 6 – Football Glory & Health

*In the area where you first fight Aurigan Haemovores (or Vampires), there is a small football tucked away to the left of the exit where a bunch of Processed burst out. Shoot the football to move it around, and try to score a goal on either goalpost. You will be rewarded with a dozen small health pickups and some fancy fireworks.

Secret 7 – Supply Depot

*After you exit the stairway full of Processed, there will be a building to your left that you can jump on. Make sure you quicksave, because this jump is tricky and unlike Secret 5, you don’t get teleported back. Get on the railing, sprint and jump on the rooftop. Then turn left and you’ll see the supply depot. There is also a ladder there, which will take you back to where you started.

Horsemen of the Apocalypse (9 Secrets)

Secret 1 – Shells

*Just as you start the level, there will be a bush to your left with some ammo behind it.

Secret 2 – Armor & Shells

*Before going through this stone arch, to the right there is a small path with a breakable wall at the end, and a supply depot behind it.

Secret 3 – Health

*When you get the key needed to proceed through the level, you’ll probably notice the medkit on some planks above you. Getting to it is kinda tricky. Jump onto the broken pillar(1), then crouch jump onto the wooden plank(2). Going up the sloped plank usually results in me falling, so a safer bet is to jump to second plank(3). From there, do a running jump towards the medkit(4) and you should get the secret.

Secret 4 – Bad Karma

*In the area where you fight a bunch of Kleers and a Belcher, look for this place with an open stone coffin. Interact with the coffin and immediately regret it.

Secret 5 – Shells

*When you get to the radio, you should see some shotgun shells on some ruins. Simply hop from the lowest to the highest and you should be able to get it.

Secret 6 – Big Man Pyrone

*In the arena where you fight encounter a Reptiloid, facing the exit, go to the leftmost side of the arena and you should see this slightly lower area. Make a hard save, go through the archs, pick up the health pickup and get ready for a spectacle.

Secret 7 – Rockets

*In this area where Dr. Kiesel contacts you about a side quest, there are some hidden rockets. You can get there in two ways, from the second screenshot – either by jumping to the left behind the wall, or jumping to the right on the grassy area.

Secret 8 – Secret Count Dracula

*After you pick up the Rocket Launcher and fight a dozen Kleers, hug the wall to the left and you’ll come across a small area with 3 Kleers a sleeping Dracula. Press “Use” on him to get the secret. I hope it was worth it, you jerk.

Secret 9 – Companion Orb

*After you place the second beacon, there will be two doors on the left side of the arena. Go through the left one, then turn left again and you should see a gate with a hole in the middle. Shoot a rocket or two to destroy all the rocks and a Companion Orb will spawn. Shoot it to get the secret.

Gates of Hell (10 Secrets)
Secret 1 – Rockets

*In the part where you get the Sniper Rifle, hug the wall to the right until you come across the part in the second screenshot, the just jump twice (jumping backwards is easier) and you’ll get the secret rockets

Secret 2 – L.I.F.E.

*From the previous secret, keep hugging the wall to the right (but don’t touch the lava) and you should come across a concrete slab in a corner, with a L.I.F.E. gadget behind it.

Secret 3 – Time Warp

*This has to be the weirdest one yet. After going through a small underground section, you should see this stairway with a small entrance to the left. Go through the entrance and to your right there will be an unlit torch. Pick up the torch by pressing Use, then go left, and walk into to a nearby fire (you won’t take any damage) and return the now-lit torch to it’s original location (swap weapons and it should place itself on the wall). Right in front of the torch should be a now accessible Time Warp gadget.

Secret 4 – Rage Serum

*The area after you fight your first Pyromaniac has 3 secrets. The first one is after the slope, you will have to jump on some rocks to get a rage serum.

Secret 5 – Armor

*From the previous secret, look towards the other end of the lava and you’ll see 4 arches next to the stairs. Inside is an armor pickup.

Secret 6 – Secret Lava Golem

*Next to the arches from the previous secret, tucked away in the corner is a miniature laval golem. Shoot it and his big brother will come seeking revenge.

Secret 7 – L.I.F.E.

*After going up the stairs from the previous area, in front of you should be some rocks you can jump on to reach higher ground. Once there, jump over the river of lava to get a L.I.F.E. gadget.

Secret 8 – Secret +1 Health

*In the big arena with Pyros and Mummies, you should find the final sample for Dr. Kiesel’s sidequest. From there, go the far corner shown in the screenshot, quicksave for no particular reason and pick up the +1 health.

Secret 9 – Holodecoy

*After the previous area with the Pyros and Mummies, turn right, jump on some rocks, and you should find a Holodecoy behind some ruined walls.

Secret 10 – Companion Orb

*When you rescue Kenny you’ll fight some Beheaded and a Vampire. In that area, look for a big stone table next to a pool of lava with two broken pillars nearby. Jump on the pillars, then do a running jump onto the table. In a small pool of laval in front of you, there should be a Companion Orb. Shoot it to register the secret.

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