Serious Sam VR The First Encounter – How to Beat the Final Boss

This is how you shoot the big boi at the end of the game


Running to the pyramid
you can damage him here and it dose transfer over but its better off shooting all enemies and running into the pyramid it will only open after you shoot them.

note the bulls like to get stuck on the walls below the door so just shoot them if they get stuck

The arena
Now theres no speed boost so you are going to have to run somewhat slowly to all the rings
the center is where a large lazer comes down when all are activated this is the only way to kill the final boss.

heres some tips for his attacks

-shoot the fireballs- this applies for both but especially the homing ones shooting these allows you avoid all damage

-the blue shots these are easy to dodge from further away but up close these are really hard to deal with if you need to come close then be sure you picked up the heart that spawns on one of the sides.

– the lazer shots these are impossible to dodge yet deal little damage if he uses this then you have to take a few hits its not much.

-Rockets. SHOOT OR DODGE THEM. this is his most dangerous attack getting hit directly will deal 100 damage be very careful not to get hit

-stomp this is almost always an insta kill and if its not its going to leave you open to something else. you have to be really close for this attack to work so dont try to run through his legs

-pick up the heart twice

-pick up the armor

make a note of where they both are as they will be the best thing to get early in the fight and you can go back to them whenever needed.

weapons Cannon is by far the best use both at once to shred his damage very quickly

the minigun can work well for the fireballs but is more for if you want to deal damage but not really pay attention

shotgun- only useful for dealing with fireballs if you want you can use it for damage but it wont deal much
lazers- what applies for the minigun applies here
chainsaw- just dont
revolvers- I mean you can if your weird.

rockets- deal quite a bit of damage but are not the best for dealing with fireballs use it if you have nothing else while running to the ammo pack.
grenade launcher- low damage and hard to hit fireballs probably the worst weapon in this fight.

save when you enter the arena or else it will boot you back outside the pyramid when you die.

you can also save before you activate the final gate doing the entire fight all over again because you missed the last hit is not really that fun.

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