Session: Speed Glitch Guide

Here is a step by step guide on how to do this glitch, super easy, and do be super cereal, is a game, have fun.


how to do it

this glitch doesnt give you instantaneous speed, you need to get it rolling

you need a ramp and an area next to it where you can roll, so it has to be long and they need to be connected with nothing that breaks the flow

many ramps work

now the glitch, when you press back foot stick down and front foot stick up at the same time, the skater will assume a position that is a little higher than the position for ollie

(in the left he is ready to ollie, in the right he cant ollie but he is a little higher)

if you dont turn or do any tricks he will stay in that position, thats what we want

you can do this position in any place where you see a red arrow but you will always gonna end going to the direction of the green arrow

now you have to lock that position, you do this by trying to do an ollie or nollie and you have to do this always in the ramp

now your skater cant do anything, he cant turn or do tricks, he is just rolling, but the more he rolls the faster he goes and you know you are doing the glitch right because he is looking at the floor

get all the speed you want, and to get back control of the staker, just press any of the push buttons, he will ollie or nollie, and thats it, enjoy the speed

By ★ Sαilboαt

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