Shadow Warrior 3: All Orbs Upgrades Save File

Here is a save file with all orbs upgrades for Shadow Warrior 3.   Links and Locations Back up your own save files first! 1) They can be found at: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\SW3\Saved 2) Download my files from: 3) Disable Steam Cloud sync! All Upgrades So you played the game and probably missed few orbs and […]

Shadow Warrior 3: All Achievements Guide

Classic set: story missions, upgrades and kills. Let’s gooo!   Story Achievements (Not Missables) The end of the world Complete ‘The Dragon’s Back’ Let me in! LET ME IN! Complete ‘Way to Motoko’ Down the raccoon hole Complete ‘Motoko’s Thunderdome’ Damn, that’s a big dam Complete ‘That Damn Dam’ Lo Wang, first of his name […]