Shady Lewd Kart: Key Locations Guide

This guide will help you find all the 5 secret characters hidden in the tracks. To Unlock them, you must find a key and get in the top 3 karters. Note that it is possible to find them in free play, making the task easier.


Terry Trash Dome

Character: Trashette

This key is found early in the track

Hint 1: It is located in the Zone where you go down a long slope

Location: If you go down early from the slope and check behing you, you should find the key

Flambeau’s Manor

Character: Flambeau herself!

This one is tricky too find, it follows the same rule as a Mario Boo mansion!

Hint 1: One of the walls is a fake one

Hint 2: It is located in the room with the minecarts coming out of the paintings, the green room

Location: At the right, right bellow the torch is the fake wall location

Sleazy Alley

Character: Artemis

You might want to find a back alley for this one

Hint 1: When the road forks and gives a descision between right and left, take left

Location: After taking the left side, jump on theramp and pass the wall inside a little car lot, it will be sitting on a truck. You can also find a alley leading to it towards the right if you miss the jump

The Beach

Character: Carmilla

It took me the longest to find this one! It is NOT in one of the huts XD

Hint 1: It is next too a long beach chair

Location: The beach chair is right after a slope, to the left

The forest

Character: Ingrid

If you very lightly stray from the normal path, you might find it!

Hint 1: The location is the room with the big pillar you can boost on

Hint 2: It is located behind a rock

Location: Behind a rock on the right side, very early in the pillar room

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