Shantae and the Seven Sirens 100% Completion (Save Files Speedrun)

This “Guide” will give you the save files of the following achievements:

Ancient Discoveries
Collect all Monster Cards
Fully Charged
In the Blink of an Eye & Could Use a Vacation & Squid Saver
Sight Unseen


All the save files for the guide below
Download link to the save files

Here are all the save files of the achievements you are too lazy to get yourself:

Save file locations
The location for regular Shantae Seven Siren’s save files
The location for Steam Shantae Seven Siren’s save files
c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<your steam-id>\1191630\remote\
Save your current save file

Add to the original save file the extension: .org, so that you can resume your legit gameplay later after you finished cheating. You can restore the save file by removing the .org again.

Place the new save file

Just place (NOT REPLACE) the .sav file into the location and start up your game! Follow the steps that are down below or in the same folder of the save file of your choosing.

Replace the .sav file with the next one or with the original when you done.

Ancient Discoveries
Walk to the left, when you see the scorpion, walk past him. But before you leave that part of the room/level, do the Quack dance!

Complete Collection
You got almost all the cards! You only need to walk over to the Phase Wall Dasher. You can find him in the Mining Site not too far away!

Fully Charged
Walk to the left and do the Spark Dance!

In the Blink of an Eye & Could Use a Vacation & Squid Saver
Just rush B to the boss and show her whose boss twice! Now you can finally work for those achievements

Sight Unseen
Just run to the top! See it wasn’t that hard to not scare a little girl!

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