She Will Punish Them: How to Switch to Old game Version

The old (before HD overhaul) build of the game is still available. This ‘guide’ will show you how to switch to the old build.

Important: Make sure to backup your saved file before you switch to the old version.


Backup save file

Open up windows explorer and go to


Now the easiest way to backup your save files and your presets and everything is just to zip the ‘L2Games’ folder and copy it somewhere else. Afterwards just delete the L2Games folder.

The Reason why we backup is because the save files are probably not compatible with the old/new game version. Backup works for both versions the same way. Just un-zip the folder in the same location to restore.

Switching to the old version

To switch, right click on the Game and choose Properties betas and select before_overhaul – The build that was before HD Overhaul.

Now steam will update the game.
Usually Updating takes longer then just reinstalling because steam will try to merge files. So i would recommend to pause the update, unistall and then reinstall the game – thats just way faster.

There is also a test branch available, but its probably unstable and not a good choice for a daily grind.

Thanks to LuckyStrike for sharing the method to switch to the old version. you can also read this original tutorial from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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