She Will Punish Them: Tentative Suggestion For An Alternative Levelling Path

A tentative suggestion for an alternative levelling path. Update V0.780 at time of writing.   Skills (in order of acquisition) Regeneration Fast Learning Athletic Hardened Skin Trading Note: Max out each skill in turn, according to the order above. This creates a very smooth ascent for your character. Picking ‘Regeneration’ first means you are unlikely […]

She Will Punish Them: Optimal Skill Leveling Path: Post-update (Normal Difficulty)

After testing every skill leveling-path progression combination to at least level 10, (not much point testing beyond 10 at the moment – released content is currently capped at level 6) here is the one that by far provided the fastest, smoothest, easiest curve.   Skill leveling-path progression 1: Fast Learning Take “Fast Learning” as your […]