Sigma Impact: Beginners’ Tips (Weapons, Perks, Damage, Health, Bells and Scoring)

Here are some tips/advice for new players.



The Hammer is a good weapon for beginners. It’s special is a simple charge attack that deals massive damage, but also can be used to heal. Just charge it up and release, or charge it up and hit your coop partner to heal them.
The Mace is a good weapon if you really like explosions. It has 2 special attacks, a charge up attack that adds an explosion and bonus damage to your next hit, or if you level it up to full power you can charge up for a massive explosion. Lob it like a grenade into the center of a group of enemies and let it go boom!
The Spike is Sigma Impact’s ranged weapon. Take aim with SPECIAL 2 and charge up a shot with SPECIAL 1 to fire explosive bullets. Release the charge at the right moment for a “perfect shot” bonus, which increases bullet size/damage. Land a direct hit on an enemy for a “bullseye” bonus for extra damage.
The Jet Hammer is a hammer with jet engines. Press either of the special buttons to make it fire it’s thrusters to make it spin clockwise or counter-clockwise, or fire them both to make it fly forward with a jet powered charge. Hit an enemy with this charge attack for massive damage. Its specials can be used even after throwing it, making it remote-controllable.
The Yoyo is the most unique weapon, and a bit more rare than the others. Use the GRAB button to increase it’s speed and damage at the cost of energy, and use the SPECIAL 2 button to slow it down to regain energy. It’s special attack is a charged explosion that adds a temporary damage buff.


Starting Perks

When you start the game there are 2 perks to choose from:

Health Up: The best perk for beginners, simply increases your base health from 2 to 4. This increases the effectiveness of using the healing power of the normal hammer or ringing normal bells (the ones with a circle), and prevents you from getting one-shot if you’re at full health.
Quick Dash: You can give up the extra starting health for extra mobility, if you’re feeling confident. Not just for speedrunners, since a weapon’s damage is greatly affected by its speed a well-timed dash becomes an offensive maneuver. Also great for repositioning in the middle of a battle.
Unlockable Perks

You’ll come across more perks in the dungeon:

Armor: Gives the player a coat of armor every time they ring a bell. Give up some speed for an extra layer of defense. Can block any attack, and even prevents you from taking any explosion damage as long as you have at least one piece still attached. If you don’t like getting slowed down you can always press the spin button to discard any equipped armor.
Bell Strength: Doubles the bonuses gained from ringing health-up or weapon power bells. If you grab this one early you can level up your starting weapon to max strength.
Weapon Efficiency: A great all-around perk. Halves the power usage of weapons. This affects all abilities that consume energy, from special powers to pulling a weapon after thrown.

Weapon Dash: Gives you direct control over the movement of your weapon with a controllable dash, consuming a small amount of weapon energy. There are multiple options for setting how this is controlled.

  • If using keyboard and mouse, setting dash mode to “mouse” lets you use the “mouse dash” button and aim it’s direction with the mouse. Setting it to “key” lets you just use the direction dash buttons, defaulted to “IJKL”.
  • If using a controller, the default is right analog stick to control weapon dashing, but if you prefer to use the right stick for your normal dash you can change the dash mode to “stick” in the options. This makes it so you hold the dash button then press the stick to weapon dash. (Gah sorry this ended up being so confusing…)
Bigger Explosions: Pretty self-explanatory, just makes all explosions you cause bigger! This goes well with the bullets from the spike weapon, and the explosions from the mace. Just be careful that it does make the mace a bit easier to hurt yourself with.
Weapon Charge: Increases the speed that you charge your weapon attacks. Also increases the timing window for getting perfect shots with the spike.
The Ball: Adds a ball to each hallway in the dungeon. Hit it and let it bounce around and break blocks and damage enemies. If the ball breaks an energy block or certain enemies, it will absorb the energy and level up. Hit it with a charged weapon attack to add an explosive charge. A well-aimed, max-level ball can clear an entire group. Strike!

Damage and Health

  • You can only ever take 2 damage at a time, after which you have a brief moment of invulnerability.
  • Weapon damage is based on impact force. A heavy weapon moving fast will do much more damage than a light weapon moving slowly! This counts for enemy weapons as well.
  • Touching an enemy will deal 1 damage to you, unless they are stunned.

Bells and Scoring

  • Dealing damage to enemies and breaking certain blocks adds to your current combo (see how the bar on the side of the screen grows?)
  • Taking damage breaks your current combo, losing the combo points you’ve gained so far. Avoid getting hit if you’re going for a high score!
  • Ringing a bell ends your current combo. Your current multiplier is applied to your current combo score and added to your total score. Ringing bells is how you bank points!
  • Breaking a bell doesn’t end your combo, but adds to your current multiplier. Be careful because you don’t get any of the normal bonuses from ringing a bell, such as healing or increased weapon power.
  • Breaking bells allows you to extend a combo across multiple rooms, allowing you to build up huge multipliers for even higher scores. Do you think you can make it through the entire game with one long combo?
  • Ringing a weapon power bell increases your current weapon’s power by 1. If it’s already at max power, it instead increases the weapons level. This adds a buff to impact damage and can be stacked for increased damage.

Thanks to SubparFiddle for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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