SkateBIRD: All Different Types

Birbs are very good at skate. learn from them and u can sk8 gr8 too


Different Types of SkateBird

The Professional

  • Great posture
  • Street style
  • Elegant
  • Role model
  • Good manners
  • Uptight (Everything’s Alright)
  • Blue but not feeling blue
The Cutie

  • Peep
  • Round
  • Soft to touch
  • Friendly
  • Would love to b ur friend
  • deserves happiness
  • likes sunflowers
Looking Respectfully

  • Very polite
  • Does not intrude
  • Can skate
  • Curious
  • thinks ur cute
  • nice cheeks
W-Woahhh Grimding!!

  • Wowowowowowwoooww!!!!!
  • Doesn’t play by the rules
  • Perfect balance
  • Birbs are so cool wtf?!?
  • makes it look easy
  • practice very hard every day

  • Insatiable hunger
  • No, pls dont eat bord, am not snakkk!!!
  • Bad boy
  • will eat ur leftovers
  • Sin of Gluttony

  • chickem nugget
  • bigger and better
  • don’t cluck around
  • gets all the chicks

  • skillz
  • 100 points
  • flappy bird
  • fan of puns
  • is the chicks
2 Boards with 1 Bird

  • pls be careful!!
  • advanced technique
  • went 2 julliard
  • cooler than u but wont rub it in ur face
  • can do attitude

  • twice the fun twice the thrill
  • thats 2 big for u birdie
  • INFINITE RECURSION totally normal
  • where he goin
  • doesn’t know his own size
  • Invented the Fibbirdnacci Sequence
Illegal Move

  • 🐢
  • wat is that?!?!
  • true display of shellflessness
  • nature is healing
  • friends come in all shapes and sizes
Very good yes very good

  • success through collaboration
  • friendship unlocked
  • fun for all
  • weeeeeeeeeeeeee
Initial B

  • 峠道において自動車を高速で走行させることを目的とする走り屋の若者たちを描いた作品である。
  • 作品タイトル「D」の意味は、「ドリフト(drift)のD」であると作者が発言している。
  • 藤原拓海(ふじわら たくみ)は群馬県渋川市に住む一見ごく普通の高校生だが、父が営む「藤原とうふ店」の配送を中学生時代から手伝い、秋名山の峠道で日々AE86型(ハチロク)スプリンタートレノを走らせるうちに、非凡なドライビングテクニックを身に着けていた。
Manual Manuel

  • Great fundamentals
  • Doesn’t need your approval
  • Rodney Mullen? Never heard of him
  • Looks angery but is v.nice
The Beginner Bird (Birdginner)

  • Still learning
  • that’s ok
  • Very brave
  • everybirdy has to start somewhere
  • u can do it!!!

Thanks to mscupcakes for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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