Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition – How to Get the A Slap in the Face Achievement without Being in a Mission

This is a guide to get the achievement ‘A Slap in the Face’ without being on a mission where you chase Dogeyes.


Step 1 – Going to the Location

Be in the first apartment which you live at the start of the game. (You will get a better apartment later on in the game.)

The apartment looks like this.

Second, We need a bike. We can get it through the parking lot for getting cars. It can be either this,

or this.

Press E on your keyboard to get access to the lot. Then, get a grade B bike like the 270 DX. Here is what the bike looks.

Then, go to the Bam Bam Night Club. It is located some meters away for your apartment. Here is the location on the map.

and this is the actual night club.

Step 2 – The Trickiest Part

Here is the trickiest part to get to the nightclub. Get your bike near the entrance like this.

Then, open the door and quickly run to the bike to go inside the nightclub. This might take a few tries to do it correctly, but do it like what I did.

Then, the people will be in shock when they see your bike and expect a few hit-and-runs on the way to the stairs to the top floor of the club.

At the top floor, find any of these two fish tanks and shoot it with any pistol or SMG. Put two bullets into the fish tank and let all glory go away.

Here is the greatest sight ever.

Then, you will find the weapon which will devastate all innocent people by a single hit. The Fish!

Step 3 – Let The Fish Do The Honor

Go outside the club and go to someone near the club for using the fish. For example, I went to two Chinese guys (not trying to be racist) and hit them in one hit. Then, you will get the achievement. Enjoy!

Thanks for tuning in for my guide on how to get the achievement. Next time, I will never do a guide on anything again!

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