Slime Rancher: How To Unlock Treasure Pods

Have you ever walked around the world of Slime Rancher, and encountered a colourful little pod, and wondered how to open it? This is a quick, simple guide for beginner ranchers on how to unlock all 3 tiers of the treasure pods.


The Treasure Cracker
First off, you’re going to need a Treasure Cracker in order to open the Treasure Pods.

To unlock the Treasure Cracker, you’re going to need to purchase the Lab for 10,000 Newbucks (this is the area behind your house). Once you have unlocked the Lab, allow the Extractor to complete it’s first cycle. After that, look through the vac pack upgrades (in front of the house), and you’ll find the Treasure Cracker MKI. Using the Treasure Cracker MKI, you’ll be able to unlock any Tier 1 Treasure Pods (the green-coloured ones) that are common all throughout Slime Rancher.

Note that the base Treasure Cracker will not unlock the other variants of Treasure Pods (Blue and Black) until it is fully upgraded.

How To Upgrade The Treasure Cracker
To upgrade your Treasure Cracker, you’ll need to build gadgets in the Lab.

The Treasure Cracker MKII requires a total of 35 gadgets built. Once this is unlocked, you can open both green and blue Treasure Pods.

The Treasure Cracker MKIII requires a total of 100 gadgets built. Once this is unlocked, you can open any Treasure Pods (green, blue and black).

That pretty much sums up how to open Treasure Pods. Thanks for reading, and good luck finding all of the Treasure Pods in the game!

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