SNKRX: Quick Tier List Based on Overall Effectiveness

Quick Not-in-Depth Tierlist based on impressions 100%ing the game, as of Mercenary Patch. Will take into account synergies, level 1 ability, level 3 ability, stats, and some special perks for some units. P.S. I don’t name every synergy for each unit, only the more notable ones for what I’m explaining.   S-Tier S-Tier: These are […]

SNKRX: All Classes, Units, and Items Guide

In case you want to keep a list of all items and units upon your steam overlay. enjoy the game.   Note: This list is not complete so far. thanks to GenghisHan for great sharing. we will update the full list as the author update the list later.   Classes Red Classes Rogue 3/6 – 15%/30% chance […]