SnowRunner: How to Transfer SnowRunner Saves from Microsoft Store/Xbox Game Pass to Steam

If you have previously played the PC version of SnowRunner through the Microsoft Store or on Xbox Game Pass and would like to transfer your progress to Steam, this guide explains how to do that.

Locating Your WGS Save Files

Before proceeding, make sure that your vehicles are in the garage, as there have been conflicting experiences with people losing trailers, vehicles, watchtower progress, etc.

The Microsoft Store / Xbox Game Pass version of SnowRunner stores your user profile in a hidden directory. To find it, open Windows Explorer (or hit Windows Key + E) and using the top navigation bar, enter the following folder:


Within this folder, there will be a subfolder containing your save files:

Make a copy of this folder to a temporary location, such as your desktop. Inside there will be several files with GUID names and a file named “index.###” This file will be important for the next step.

Depending on how much progress you have made in the game, you will potentially see more or less files in this directory.

Uploading Your Container File

All of your save files are already in the right format, they just need to be renamed to something the Steam version of the game can understand. In the WGS version, the container file provides a mapping between what the name of the file on the disk is and what the game expects. There is a very handy tool that will let us examine the contents of the container file and see this mapping.

Save File Name Check for Microsoft Store / Xbox Game Pass[]

Upload your container file to this tool and click ‘run’.

Renaming Your Files

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are working off a copy of your save files and not renaming the files in their original location.

The tool will generate a list of mappings with what the original filename is and a close approximation what the new file name should be. There are two different types of files and both need to be handled slightly differently.

IMPORTANT: When renaming files, it is crucial that you follow the order of files in the tool and NOT the order of files in your directory.

For files that DON’T end in an underscore, simply take the new filename and add ‘.cfg’. In this example, the file named…


would be renamed to…


For files that DO end in an underscore, append ’01.cfg’ to the filename. In this example, the file named…


would be renamed to…


If you can’t rename a file because one with the same name already exists, simply increment the number you append until there isn’t a conflict. For example, if…


already existed, you would instead name it…


If both of those files already existed, you would name it


Repeat this process until all the files except container have been renamed.

Moving the Files to Steam

For best results, run the game at least once and spend a minute playing so that a save file can be created.

Your Steam save files are located in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\ Steam ID \1465360

…where SteamID is unique to you.

If you wish to back up your existing Steam save, move the contents of the remote folder to someplace safe. Otherwise, delete the contents of the remote folder and copy in all the files you renamed. To avoid Steam cloud sync issues, it is recommended you delete the ‘remotecache.vdf’ file before starting the game again.


That’s it! After completing these steps, simply launch the game and enjoy. You can now also safely turn your cloud save sync back on – if you choose to do so, make sure to overwrite the remote save state with the new files.

In my experience, the Steam version of SnowRunner runs much better on PC than the WGS version which is apparently more optimized for consoles. On two of my computers I tried this with (i9-9900K with 2x RTX 2080Ti and Ryzen 9 5950X with an RTX 3090) my framerate was both overall higher and more consistent.

Special thanks to my friend Horvaticus for helping me test this, editing the guide for clarity, and being the Ostentatious Burrito Supreme.

Thanks to hobbseltoff for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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