Soaring Machinariae: All Soul Crystal Shrines Locations

A list of all Soul Crystal Shrine locations with screenshots. Remember to compare the minimap in the screenshots to whatever is on your screen.


Spirit Shrine

Plains: Center

This is the closest shrine to town. To access it, you must attack the vegetation covering the entrance.


You just need to hit the two red orbs to turn them blue. Again, you’ll need to attack the vegetation to clear a path.

Insight Shrine

Starting from Chanting Woods: Beast Den, look for a secret lilypad path. Make sure the map you’re on looks like the minimap in the first screenshot.


You need to activate the stationary orb to the north first, which causes barrels to flow downstream. Then you need to hit a barrel into the faraway moving orb.

Drifting Shrine

In Quiet Falls: Pond East, look for the middle west exit. This leads to a secret part of Quiet Falls: Pond West.


You have to jump on the timed platforms to get to the orbs on the top-left and top-right corners of the room. However, there will be erupting geysers, which can push you into the pit and block your path.

Ambition Shrine

This one is hidden in the SW corner of the Wildlands, which is on the way to the Scorching Desert. However, the shrine entrance is hidden by a shadow, so it can be hard to notice on a blind playthrough.


You need to use a ranged Energy Burst to hit the faraway orbs.

Agility Shrine

On the way to the Dawning Ruins, you will find the Hills area. From Hills, look for the SE exit to a secret part of Plains: North.


The bridges will start crumbling as you get close to them. You need to quickly make your way to the orb before you lose your path. Remember that you can dash to stay ahead of the crumbling.

Destruction Shrine

Yes, this is in the final dungeon, the Tower of Desire.

At the 4th combat map of the Undersea Passage, there will be a fork. Take the left path to find the shrine.


You have to avoid the fire geysers on the ground while pushing all four orbs into their yellow tile. Note that even if you get hit and sent back to the center, any orb that turned blue stays blue.

The SW orb must be pushed from the north.
The NW orb must be pushed from the east.
The SE orb must be pushed from the west.
The NE orb must be pushed from the south.

Note that I said “from” for each of these sentences.

Tenacity Shrine

In the combat map before the second boss of the Tower of Desire, there’s a SW exit that leads to a small ledge with a save point. Cut through the vegetation and enter the shrine.


You have to hit several orbs, but there are projectiles shooting at you and narrow bridges that you can easily fall from. Make sure you have high health before attempting this.

Thanks to bugfragged for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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