Solenars Edge II Aurora of The Seventh Dawn: Aionis’ Outfit Guide

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Aionis Outfit Unlock Guide.
Where to find and unlock Aionis’ outfits.

-Alcornagia Set.
You start out with this set and can swap back to it when you unlock the Deminastia set.

-Deminastia Set.
During the cutscene of your first mission, you will be given the Deminastia set.

-Ninja Set.
You will obtain this set by defeating the secret boss; Shredder. He can be found
in the second mission area of your first mission.

-Paper Boy Set.
This set is a boss drop from Calcifur. You must beat the Restoration side quest to obtain this set.
You can find Oliver and Penello in the Business district in Chendun after you complete your first mission.

-Neko Set.
You must defeat the secret boss; Luminarus Feather on the Alcornagia world map near Ternesta (Thedo’s starting point).
It will be a boss drop.

-Warrior Set.
Complete the VR Arena and you will obtain the Warrior Set.

-Adventurer Set.
Defeat the secret boss; Falnarion outside of Chendun Hospital.
Make sure you have a party before fighting it, or else you will be overwhelmed with just Aionis
alone at the start.

-Algorian Set.
Spend one million casino coins at the prize counter at the Casino in Chendun.

-Sylph Set.
Defeat the secret boss; Angry Planet, in the Haunted Hut in Alcornagia.
It will be a boss drop.

-Business Casual Set.
After completing your first mission, talk to a man named Yang in the Business District in Chendun.
You can buy the outfit for 10k Kacha.

-Elven Knight Set.
Make sure you beat Angry Planet and the Restoration side quest before attempting this,
as they both drop the Silver and Golden Skeleton keys you need to unlock this outfit.

You need to defeat the Restoration side quest to obtain the Silver Skeleton Key.
You need to defeat Angry Planet in Alcornagia as Thedo to obtain the Golden Skeleton Key.

You can then use the key to open the boat shop in the Chendun Harbor.
If you leave, the boat will teleport to the docks and will now be usable.
Use the boat to go up the water current into the path of bubbles.
You will then gain access to the Military Outpost.
There is a factory that you can access there, but you need the Golden Skeleton Key.
Once you unlock the door, go to the right and search the area for the Steel Chest.
Inside of the chest contains the Elven Knight Set.

*That is all the outfits for now.
More may come for free in future updates if the demand is high enough.
But this is all that will be at launch.

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