Solenars Edge II Aurora of The Seventh Dawn: Mini-Game Guide

In Solenars Edge II: Aurora of The Seventh Dawn.
There are a lot of things to keep you distracted from the
main story. Unlockables, Secret Bosses, Funny jokes etc.
But one of the biggest time-wasters are mini-games.
These mini-games may be repeatable or a once a play-through ordeal.
So it’s very important that you keep a keen eye out for them.
Still, if you don’t want to miss anything the first time.
Here is a guide to help you find them.

BFC: Operation Undead.
At the start of playing Aionis, leave the cave and go up to the
Fire Gypsy Encampment.

Go to the harbor in Chendun. You need to obtain a fishing rod
and some bait to fish first. You can get these during certain
fights or shopping at the stores. The fish caught, can be used
to heal HP or MP or both. You can also sell them for extra Kacha.

Wuxing/Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Talk to the gentlemen in the small office in the Chendun Casino.

Talk to the NPC Jein in the Chendun Casino.

Slot Machines.
Interact with any slot machine in the Chendun Casino or elsewhere.
You may purchase a coin purse at the Casino counter to view your
available coins or use the automated machine nearby to purchase coins.
You may then use those coins for super rare prizes at the prize counter
including super powerful weapons and items.

Goat Mine-Field.
After completing your first mission, go to the Business District in
Chendun and talk to a man standing infront of a building and accept the quest.

Alwella (Atsumora’s Game).
After the lunch room scene in the story, go to Dr. Kokoro
Olsia’s office and interact with the computer.

VR Arena.
After completing your first mission, go to the Chendun Casino
and go through the green door past the server room.

The Lottery
Purchase lottery tickets at the Chendun Casino and go all the way
to the lottery ticket NPC to spend your tickets for a chance to win
some prizes.

Virtual Machine.
Interact with the piano within the Chendun Casino and play
songs from different games in the Team Syukino series.

Dance Battle.
Interact with the NPC; MC Uber to do three different types of difficulties.
This mini-game gets easier, the stronger your party is.

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