Sonic Origins: How to Fix Game Crashes or Lag

Here is a simple method on how to solve the game crashes issue in Sonic Origins.


How to fix most crashes/lag problems on sonic origins

At first i thought my game lagging was related to the denuvo drm, but then i checked and found out the game was using my integrated graphics card instead of my nvidia card, so if any of you are experiencing lag while playing check which card the game is using

EDIT:for the people who only have integrated cards you can always lower the resolution in the game settings and it should help

EDIT 2:here are the steps to switch to the nvidia card: Open nvidia control panel > manage 3d settings > program settings > add > select sonic origins in this case > select nvidia as the preferred graphics processor > apply > reopen the game

EDIT 3:here’s the steps if you’re using amd instead (i do not own amd so feel free to correct me if something’s wrong): Open amd radeon settings > system > switchable graphics > browse for your game in this case sonic origins > select high performance > apply the changes > reopen the game

If you have either amd or nvidia but the steps don’t work try the following: Windows settings > display > graphics settings > browse for the .exe > select high performance > save

If you don’t know which cards you have do the following: click the windows start button > type in “device manager” and open it > navigate to the display adapter section

Thanks to Abaw245 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Discussions. enjoy the game.

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