Sorbetta: Gravely in Debt 100% Walkthrough & Achievements

A 100% guide that will give the full walkthrough for the game (including both endings and all achievements).



Sorbetta: Gravely in Debt is actually fairly linear. Most achievements and game progress will happen naturally as you progress through the game. But, in case you lose track of where you’ve been, and where you need to go, this guide should provide some help.

The First Treasure

After the intro, you can explore around town and the world a little bit, but I would first head into your shop (it’s the only one in town). Another short cutscene will play and you’ll head into the basement automatically.

Here you will meet a very important NPC: Key-Anu. He’s a piano mimic and also serves as your guide when you forget what to do. Any time you’re lost, go talk to him.

Anyway, after the short chat, you’re free to wander once more. Head directly to the graveyard and interact with the following gravestone:

You’ll get a cutscene and your first achievement.

Graveyard Shift
‘Hire’ your first employee.

Head back into your shop and go talk to Key-Anu. He will now direct you towards the first Treasure: Money Tree Seeds. As you leave the shop Porker will offer you the only healing item in the game, Dessert Pretzels. Buy a bunch (don’t worry, you’ll get more money soon) and head into the forest.

Once there, you just need to inspect a few logs and trees (3 total. I also suggest checking out the skeleton before the three times). After inspecting a character will appear with flourish towards the bottom of the scene. Go and talk to Forest Guardian and have your first fight.

His attacks are pretty basic, and I suggest healing every time you drop at or below 50% health. He’s weak to your smol bombs, and sometimes they can crit making this fight a joke. Beating him will get you an upgrade to your armour and weapon (don’t forget to equip them!), and a hint to the location of the seeds.

Go loot the body and get your first of the four treasures AND your next achievement.

Growth Fund
Acquire the first treasure: Money Tree Seeds.

The Second Treasure

After you leave the forest, head back to Key-Anu for the location of the next treasure.

A horrifying truth.

This time, he’s sending you after a Dragon Egg in the mountains.

Once inside, however, Sorbetta realizes it’s her worst nightmare: a maze.

You’re given a choice (not really) and after the cutscene, you need to go back to Key-Anu who will admonish you for acting brash, and send you BACK into the mountains to try and find the dragon egg. It’s there that you meet this lovely trio:

Somber, Chibi, and Mochi

They’ll give a song and dance intro number, then challenge you to a fight. Take down Chibi and Somber first (in that order) to make short work of the crew. Or, just, ya know, abuse smol bombs again.

After taking down the crew you get some better gear (equip it!) and can now grab the Second Treasure from the chest and your next achievement.

Practical Yolker
Acquire the second treasure: The Pundragon Egg.

The Third Treasure

Key-Anu is lonely. He wants the bar up and running again, and since Porker refuses to come downstairs, you need to go ‘hire’ a new employee. Head to the graveyard and interact with this tombstone:

You will now have a cutscene where you meet Huri Cane (what’s left of her sanity that is) and get your next achievement.

‘Hire’ your second employee.

Head back to the bar and have a tiff with Key-Anu. To prove your loyalty and friendship to him, you need to find 3 out of the 10 possible drink recipes.

If you leave and re-enter you can find Raymi sitting at the bar.

After you find and turn in at least one, you can talk to her and buy hints as to the locations of all ten. The easiest one will be buying the Bloody Mary recipe from Chad at The Blue Studio Inn, located next to your shop. For the other locations, see that section in the guide.

Doing this will also net you the next achievement.

A Recipe for Disaster
Turn in your first drink recipe.

Once you have all three turned in, Key-Anu and Sorbetta will make up and he will send you after the third treasure. Almost. Since he doesn’t think you’re strong enough, he will send you after you old chainsaw, Sweet Victory, which just so happens to be at the casino up north.

Inside you will find the Casino owner, Joker. He refuses to sell you back the chainsaw (at least for a reasonable price) and you’re forced to play a game of high card/low card with him.

The game is like watered down blackjack: You each are dealt two cards, and then you can choose to either hit or stand. Joker will always hit, and if the cards are a tie you will win.

Each time you lose, it costs 2k gold, but you just need to win once. After you get the chainsaw, equip it and go back to Key-Anu for the last treasure. Turns out his cousin has it, and is hiding out in the graveyard.

Interact with this gravestone, beat him, and get your third treasure and next achievement.

Acquire the third treasure: Mimic Milk.

The Fourth & Final Treasure

When you head back to Key-Anu you (thankfully) find out the Mimic Milk was not what you feared it to be, and are sent to find the fourth and final treasure. We also learn that Sorbetta has an irrational fear of ghosts.

Who knew?

Anyway, in the castle you will meet the Demon Queen. A ghost who also has a soft spot for Sorbetta, and decides to play a little game, giving clues of where she wants Sorbetta to inspect before giving her the next. See the image below for the order and locations.

This will net you the Demon Queen’s Diary, your forth and final treasure as well as the achievement.

The Book of ‘Should Have Stayed in the Shadows’
Acquire the fourth and final treasure: The Demon Queen’s Diary.



The True Ending

Head back to Key-Anu. After your little chat you now have to get the 100k gold you owe Sherberta.

There are several ways to do so:

  • Grind enemies
  • Sell loot
  • Every minute the bar makes money. The more recipes turned in, the greater the amount. Just wait for the money

Once you have enough, you’ll get this achievement:

Toss a Coin to Your Necromancer
Have 100,000 gold at one time.

Once you have the 100k DO NOT go to Key-Anu. Instead, head to the lake in town, and read the sign. Apparently the duck is a little thief, and has the key to the locked shack in town. When it gets close enough to interact, do so and get the key. Head to the shack and open it up. Defeat Brutus inside and then leave and re-enter to trigger the letter.

Read the letter and head to the house on the hill in the world map.

At the top of the hill is Hawk. Talk to him to have Sherberta come out of nowhere and clean his clock. Interact with him TWO more times to get all the items he has on him. Be sure to equip them.

Once this is all done, interact with the well for a fast travel back to town, then head to Key-Anu and tell him you’re ready now. You’ll go outside and encounter Sherberta. You both fight and decide the only way to end this is by ARENA COMBAT.

The game asks you to save. Do so and head into the arena cutscene. Once the battle starts, just defeat Fel Seed to win the game. One thing to keep an eye out for is her special ability.

Make sure to stun her (both Sorbetta & Sherberta have stun abilities) before she can get it off. If you need an edge, Sherberta’s XXXX ability gives Fel Seed a permanent speed decrease.

Kill her and get the True Ending AND the achievement:

Sweet Victory
Get the True ending.

Secrets and The Bad Ending

Teal’s ‘Special’ Cookie

In the graveyard, interact with this gravestone until you are awarded the item.

It’s a 100% heal, but also gives a permanent +20 to your attack. Great for early game.

Pundragon Egg’s Treasure

Not necessary to get any ending. Just listen to the Pundragon Egg’s ten puns. After the last one, talk to it one last time and it will tell you to go back to the mountain and there will be a second chest now.

Doing all that will get you a recipe, armour, AND this achievement:

You listened to all of the Pundragon’s jokes and got the prize!

All Ten Locations of the Drink Recipes
  • Battle Master – Defeat Brutus in combat (In the old shack in town. Make sure you at least have Sweet Victory before challenging him).
  • Bloody Mary – Bought from Chad at the inn.
  • El Diablo – Talk to the Demon Queen when she arrives in the bar.
  • Grasshopper – Listen to all ten of the Pundragon’s puns and go get the secret armour chest. It will be in there with the armour.
  • Gravebuster – Interact with the largest tombstone in the graveyard after Key-Anu sends you on the quest to get the three recipes.
  • Ice Ball – In a crate next to a house in Shawping (Tim’s House).
  • Panty Dropper – Talk to one of the slimes in the well (the one with the moustache) after Key-Anu sends you on the quest to get the three recipes.
  • Margarita – Dropped from a rarer mob in the forest, The Margarita Thief.
  • Waking Dead – Dropped off a zombie enemy in the Demon Queen’s castle.
  • White Russian – On a skeleton in the Demon Queen’s castle.

Getting all recipes will get you the following achievements:

Bartender Bar None
Turn in five drink recipes.

Raising the Bar
Turn in all ten of the drink recipes.

Code for the Secret Crate in Shawping


The Bad Ending

Hope you saved when I explicitly told you to. Instead of going into the shack and then heading to Hawk’s house on the hill, just skip it. Yep, it’s that simple. Play through the rest of the game, and when you get 100k confront Sherberta. Doing this really IS a bad ending because there isn’t even a boss to fight.

Do that and you’ll get what is probably your last achievement:

Just Like Season 8
Get the Bad ending.

There are several easter eggs and cameos from members of the RPG Maker dev and LP community peppered throughout the game. I won’t list them all here, but talk to NPCs, inspect graves (multiple times!) and sit in the throne in the demon castle.

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