Soulworker: How to Get Better Performance (Nvidia)

This guide will show you how to get a better and more stable perfomance


  • 1. I can’t promise that this will work for wooden pc’s too
  • 2. This guide is based on NVIDIA Graphics
  • 3. You will get an fps lock, that depends on your display
  • 4. Please be sure, that you have the newest NVIDIA driver installed too your system


>> Step by Step


  • 1. start your game & go to your graphic settings, TURN OFF = vertical synchronization (V’Sync)

  • 2. close your game & rightklick on your desktop, open nvidia system control, navigate to Manage 3-D settings and go to program settings, klick on add

  • 3. now select the SoulWorker Client (it should be there if not browse for it in Steam/steamapps/common) and add it

  • 4. change anisotropic filtering to = 16x

  • 5. change preferred update rate to = highest available

  • 6. change triple buffer to = ON

  • 7. change power management mode to = prefer maximum performance

  • 8. change max. frame rate to = 1 higher than the display refresh rate (I got 165hz display so i have to take 166)

  • 9. change texture filtering – anisotropic scanning optics & negative iodine bias to = OFF & Clamp

  • 10. change vertical synchronization to = ON

By Saito

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