Soulworker: Hidden Hideout Guide

Here is a full guide for Hidden Hideout in Soulworker. enjoy the game.   Requirement The only required thing at the moment for ‘Hidden Hideout’ is: 1.800 Accuracy Free AOV Manic Gear from Level 65 box Equipped 2x SoulStone to your weapon Equipped mega, Giga brooch to your Custome (check brooch section in my main […]

Soulworker: Tips for Leveling

This is a simple guide will help you get through with your main quests from Level 65 onwards.   ※ Ruin Fortress: You should solely focus on your Main Quest. – until you reach the dungeon ‘Deep Core‘. Before entering the dungeon – Deep Core, you should use a High Class Combat Manual [1H], which gives 100% XP for 1 hour. – This […]

Soulworker: Chat Command (Tips & Tricks)

In this guide, I will show you available chat command in SoulWorker and some fun tips and tricks. This is not possible without Soulworker community. And there is no type of console ingame, so the chat is the basic console where you type in the commands.   Usefull command /Png Take a transparent picture (model) […]