Source Filmmaker: How to Get Gmod Faceposing 2021

This guide will show you how to get the gmod faceposing effect in SFM


Install Crowbar and Blender Source Tools
Go to these links and read the directions on how to install them:

Here’s the link for blender if you don’t have it:

Open the model

Go to where you decompiled your model and open up the qc file

You should end up with something like this

Setting up

Go to the object data tab and delete every model that has lod in the name and the collision model
Once you find the main model with facial animation go to the object tab and name it’s group something different
If there is no group then just rename the object

Editing Shape Keys
Scroll on down to the shape key tab.

Click the pin to unlock the shape keys
Select a shape key, set the max to 10 and Crank the value up as far as it goes

Then click the black arrow and select the New shape from mix option

You should end up with a shape key that has a number at the end
Use the white arrow buttons on the side to move it next to where the original was
Cut the original name with CTRL + X, double click the new one, press CTRL + A, and paste
Delete the old one and move on to the next one
You have to repeat this for every shape key your model has

Exporting your model

.QC editing
Open up the QC file (Same one you opened in blender) in notepad
Give it a name

Go to the section that has all of this

Update the name file you saved your model as

Delete everything in the section related to facial animation
It could look something like this

Finishing up
Go to crowbar and the select the QC file for recompiling
Make it go where you want it to go and click compile

And you’re done! All you have to do is boot up SFM and see if it works!

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